Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol

25 December, 2010 at 16:11 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

I'm not sure I can link this to Formula 1 at all. Erm, except that this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special has Michael Gambon in it, and he has a corner named after him on the Top Gear track, which Formula 1 people have also driven around. Ha. I did it. Katherine Jenkins is also in it, but she doesn't have a corner named after her. She was on this year's Sports Personality event, though, and Frank Williams appeared on stage. Double bonus!

Sidepodcast F1: Story image

Now, on to the good stuff. There are lots of Doctor Who fans in the Sidepodcommunity, and so this is simply a space for them to gather to talk about the big event - the Christmas Special. This year is Matt Smith's first outing on Christmas Day, and as Lukeh pointed out on Twitter earlier in the week, it's also the first Christmas Special of the new Who era that won't star David Tennant. The stakes are quite high, but I'm sure Moffat can handle it.

The episode is loosely based on the Charles Dicken's novel of the same name, and there have been clips and photographs pouring out of the BBC for the past few weeks. This thread is here to avoid spoilers in the daily for anyone holding off on the episode, so if you want to chatter your way through the broadcast, that's fine. If you want to watch it in peace, then come back and discuss it later, that's fine too. If you can't stand Doctor Who, that's also good, there's a daily waiting for you just across the way.

For us, though, it is just under two hours until things kick off. I can't wait.

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