Back to the cat

20 October, 2010 at 17:54 (GMT+01:00)

By Bassano

It's that time to think about loading your comments in the wonderful creation that is Dashboard. Yes, it's Apple event time again folks.

Sidepodcast F1: Is that a roar or a yawn?

Credit: Tambako / Flickr

Is that a roar or a yawn?

The invite says "Back To The Mac" and we're told it's a sneak peak of the next release of OS X and that looks to me like the biggest of the big cats, a Lion.

For Apple folk it's been quite iPhone & iPod centric for a little while so for those of us that avoid the use of the Start Menu, we're being shown the future of the Mac platform. Lot's of rumours are doing the rounds as usual. In fact, Apple is to be the most covered Tech company in the mainstream media.

Also slated is a refresh for the flagship notebook, the MacBook Air - possibly a smaller model. A speed bump for the entire MacBook line - Intel's snappiest chips, perhaps. New for 2011, iLife & iWork - the creativity suite & productivity tools. Better integration or similarities with the mobile platform iOS - Face Time on the Mac, maybe.

None of this is confirmed just yet but what do you think, anything you'd like to see?

The event will be live streamed from 6pm UK time, Apple's official page has been set up and we just await the arrival of the turtle neck jumper on stage...

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