Apple iPhone event - Let's talk, indeed!

4 October, 2011 at 17:44 (GMT+01:00)

By Bassano

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Boy, has this been a long wait.

Apple skipped the expected June announcement for the latest iPhone and then skipped the September event expected for the refresh of the iPod line.

Today, the Apple consumers await the announcement of shiny products with much anticipation.

Will it be the iPhone 5, 4, or something else? Will it be 4G enabled? What about storage, will we ever get a 64GB iPhone where we don't have to be picky about decide ding what media to load to it?

There have been posts on numerology that have dissected the press invitation. Reader submitted designs, on what the new handset might look like. Some crazy cats even manufactured a full scale aluminium and glass handset which is quite impressive.

Also expected today, news on iOS 5, iCloud, new iPods and maybe the retirement of some Classic iPods - possibly foretold by the removal of "click wheel" games from iTunes. There's a rumour roundup but post any interesting links you find and we'll chat about what's to come, what we hear and what we would like to see.

The Keynote should begging at 10:00 (PST), 13:00 (EST) or 18:00 (GMT+1) to some of us.

Apple aren't live streaming this event but there are many live blogs and bound to be a naughty, illicit stream or two floating around. So, grab your refreshments and get those thumbs ready… let's talk iPhone!

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