2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 8

18 June, 2010 at 11:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

We enter our eighth day of football, and I'm sulking. I was behind France, having drawn them in the sweepstake, and they failed miserably last night. Apparently they're not out of it yet but the chances of them scraping through are, as Jeremy would put it, Buckleys.

It was a good match, though. Goals, and yellow cards, and even a penalty to enjoy. I hope today brings us more of the same goodness, and oh, what's this? England are playing as well.

Who's playing who

We have three games on as per usual. Pat did mention a little bit of fatigue over so many matches, and we have no free day until the very end of the month. Still, you have to pick and choose the matches you watch, and these are the three on offer for you today.

Germany v. Serbia - 12:30pm GMT+1 BBC1

When I watched Germany in their first game, I was super impressed with their ability to pass the ball. I was told that Spain would be even better. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch that match and they were soundly beaten by Switzerland anyway, so I still rate Germany at the moment. They're up against Serbia, who I don't remember from the first round, so my money is on Germany. Apparently we are doing predictions in these posts, so I'll go 3-1 to our German friends.

Slovenia v. United States - 3:00pm GMT+1 BBC1

The US managed to "win" a draw with us in the first outing, and now they take on Slovenia. It's fun to watch Twitter when the US matches are on, as it's fair to say football isn't their number one priority, and some people know about as much about it as I do. Slovenia took on Algeria last time and beat them 1-0 which is good for them, and also a good sign for us too. I'm not really sure what to predict for this one, I reckon maybe a 1-1 draw.

England v. Algeria - 7:30pm GMT+1 ITV

Here, we get to try and impress once more, as we failed to do so against the US. It was good, but it certainly wasn't good enough. I'm hoping Gerard can do exciting things, as he was very good and my favourite in that first game. I'd also like to see more of Gadget Legs, otherwise known as Peter Crouch. As mentioned above, Algeria were beaten by Slovenia in round 1, so I think we might manage to scrape through this one 2-0 to us.

There we go, those are the matches you've got to choose from today, plus my predictions. I'm afraid I can't go as far as the fabulous RG and pick out players to watch, because I still haven't memorised all of our team, let alone the 32 others. Happy watching!

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