2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 7

17 June, 2010 at 11:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Oh my goodness. I finally have the opportunity to do a post for the World Cup posts within Sidepodcast - awesome! I myself am a football fan but the great thing about the World Cup is that you learn so much you didn't know before, like this stat - did you know that the Jinglgjonljelly ball being used for the World Cup is round? It's causing many arguments because it's a ball doing ball-esque things. Fabio Capello called it the 'worst ball he has ever seen' - take that Jellybanana Ball! He hasn't played with my old year 10 team I did in school, clearly. I for one am outraged it is a ball being a ball. Rugby never has this problem. Anyways, I digress, there is another big World Cup day to concentrate on.

Just one more thing...

Before I go into the main World Cup stuff for today, I thought it would be nice to let you know a bit more about being a Welsh football fan watching the World Cup. You see, Wales have a startling history with the World Cup. Oh yes. We first qualified for our first World Cup back in 1958, back when the world was always black and white and a young fellow called Elvis was storming the charts. Didn't qualify for a World Cup did you, Elvis? Bet he could though.

In 1958 Wales actually had a good team with one of the finest British players to grace the soils of football in John Charles. For me, Charles was the greatest Welsh player there ever was and I'm glad he got the chance to compete in the tournament whereas the likes of Ian Rush, Ryan Giggs, Neville Southall and other Welsh legends didn't. We did alright though in 1958 - got through to the Quarter Finals actually! Stop laughing back there. The problem is, we played the likes of Pele and Garrincha, a team made of Brazilian legends who beat us unfortunate Welsh 1-0.

...aaand that's where our World Cup history ends. As we have not qualified since. Not even close, I'm afraid. See, we're a funny old country Wales. Every few years in Rugby we do amazingly, and then we do ok, then amazing and so on. But in football, we seem to be consistently rubbish. The good thing about being a Welsh football fan is that we embrace our awfulness, and a victory is much celebrated but a loss is expectedly the outcome. I do hope we can qualify again one day, when cars fill the sky and we're all drinking invisible orange juice whilst having Greggs delivered to our homes. But that is Wales, and this is a World Cup about a bajillion miles away, so let's get back to South Africa.

Yesterday, all my shots seemed so far away...

...unless your name is Diego Forlan of course.

The first of yesterday's games saw a generic 1-0 win for Chile as they beat the mighty, uh, Honduras. That was a bit of a boring game for me, not too bad but it was another World Cup game that was a typically generic game and a bit scrappy. Like getting a piece of toast but spreading butter too hard and breaking the bread - you can't go back now, but you should enjoy what you have to put up with.

The second of yesterday's games is so far the shock of the tournament without a doubt. Switzerland 1-0 Spain. Yes, that was not a typo, I am not silly, Switzerland beat current European champions Spain. Oh the madness, oh the shame of it all! Oh how I love football when this happens. Former Man City striker Gelson Fernandes got the winner for Spain in a pretty good game that came to life in the second half once Switzerland had scored. Spain attacked and attacked, bringing on Fernando Torres and Jesus Navas, but it was not to be. The dire performance from Gerard 'I used to play for Manchester United's bench' Pique and Carlos 'I ran over Lukeh's foot 6 years ago in my car' Puyol in central defence was paramount for Spain's loss personally. C'est la vie, as B*witched once said.

Finally, we had Uruguay and South Africa fight it out under the floodlights that can only be described as Diego Forlan vs South Africa because he was the man that led to the 3-0 thrashing for Uruguay. He was simply outstanding for Uruguay and scored two of the team's three goals. Several years ago Forlan left Man Utd ridiculed by many because he didn't seem good enough - then went onto be one of Europe's most prolific strikers. Yesterday proved why, and I'm delighted that he's showing how good he is.

And now, onto today's games

Finally we get to today's matches. I'm sorry if this has been a bit long winded but there's just so much I wanted to get packed into today's World Cup post and stuff to discuss with you guys! Nevertheless, here are the three games that make up today's schedule that I hope you shall be tuning into:

  • Argentina vs South Korea - 12:30 BST - ITV
  • Greece vs Nigeria - 15:00 BST - BBC
  • France vs Mexico - 19:30 BST - BBC

Three pretty good games there if you ask me! Not that you did, but I thought I'd answer anyway because it seemed right in this kind of thing. All three games have me wondering the possibilties and stuff to watch out for in them...

  • Can Messi, Higuain, Tevez and co. get many past a resiliant South Korean team or will the mighty Park Ji Sung lead his merry men of Korea into a shocking win?
  • Will Greece make up for a disappointing opening loss for the tournament or will Nigeria make up for their loss to Argentina?
  • Will France actually bother turning up tonight after a seriously rubbish opening game or will Mexico come out and get their first win of the tournament?

Make sure you tune in guys, because sadly I won't be able to join you today. I'll be there in spirit! I'm thinking Argentina 1-1 South Korea, Greece 1-2 Nigeria, France 2-2 Mexico but we shall see! Wales would beat them all anyways. We don't need to qualify for a World Cup to prove we're the best team in the world anyways.


I'll leave you with this.

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