2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 5

15 June, 2010 at 11:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Finally, it falls to me to write a World Cup post. I thought I was doing quite well, avoiding it for five days to give me a chance to swot up on this football lark. Now's my chance to display how very knowledgable I am about it all now.

Coming up

We've got three interesting matches today. First up, New Zealand take on Slovakia. Thanks to Gavin and F1 Wolf I can provide you with this information: New Zealand are really supporting their country, which is great considering that football is not a big thing down there. It's the first time they have qualified since 1982, but they're taking on a country that have qualified for the first time this very year.

Next up, the Ivory Coast take on Portugal. I have actually seen Portugal play before, as they were the team I watched beat us on penalties in whatever international competition we were watching many years ago. I remember them being quite handy around the pitch. I distinctly recall Ronaldo being quite annoying, but the BBC reckon his performance has fallen to average at the moment, and he did not score in qualifying at all. The Ivory Coast are otherwise known as the Elephants, which I don't think is a particularly inspiring name for a team, although I would like to see elephants playing football. They're coached by Sven, who if I recall correctly, used to stand like a statue at the side of the pitch for England, so erm, good luck to them.

The final tie-up sees Brazil take on North Korea. If the Brazilian football fans are anything like their motor-racing counterparts, we'll be deafened by those vuvuzela horns. Brazil must be the outright favourite for this match, and my sources (eh-hem) suggest that they have a fully-fit squad as well. That'll be the first one of the tournament, I reckon. North Korea's team are apparently shrouded in mystery, which sounds about right.

Who's on when

Here is the timing for the three matches. If you're going to watch just one, I would go for the Portugal one, but perhaps you think differently? Let us know.

  • New Zealand v Slovakia - 12:30 (GMT +1)
  • Ivory Coast v Portugal - 15:00 (GMT +1)
  • Brazil v North Korea - 19:30 (GMT +1)

I'd also like to note that the matches are on BBC, ITV and ITV in that order, because otherwise I leave it to the last minute to find out and end up scrabbling around to locate the coverage. This page is undeniably useful.

That should do it for now, I suppose. I hope I haven't let you all down too much. There are still plenty of days of coverage to come, so if you fancy writing a guest post for an upcoming World Cup day, please let us know. Otherwise, you'll end up with more posts like this. See you in the comments!

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