2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 22

6 July, 2010 at 16:25 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Hello one and all to one of the Semi Finals of the World Cup! Tonight we find out which of the four teams currently left in the World Cup (Germany, Uruguay, Holland or Spain) will become the world champions within football. Can the resilient Germans go all the way? Will it be the unexpected surprise of Uruguay who keep up their fine run of form? Can the bright Dutch bring back a touch of total football to international football? Or can the Spanish Spanish who show why Spanish football may be helping the success of the Spanish team? It all sounds Spanish to me, but tonight's game will surely bring us a step closer to understanding who, as Tina Turner so evidently put it, is Simply The Best. Of course, none of these teams are because they didn't get a chance to beat play Wales in the World Cup, so at least they will be second best.

Crossing the stream

Sidepodcast F1: Christian Klien, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld support their respective countries in the European Championships, 2008.

Credit: BMW AG

Christian Klien, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld support their respective countries in the European Championships, 2008.

Now, I really want to say look how proud we are as Formula 1 fans to have these young gentlemen here, Christian Klien, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, representing their countries support a few years back but goodness me, what a mismatch in choice this way. BMW must have definitely been enjoying a few drinks before the decision was made to kit these three drivers in something they look so unbelievably awkward in. Klien actually looks like a footballer, whilst poor Bobby has spent more time ironing his top than playing the game as his at-the-time teammate Nick Heidfeld has clearly just gotten up. But hey ho, it's all a bit of fun and they're all smiling! Go football F1!

Which reminds me, what is Formula 1 was a little bit more like football? Of course, we already had the quite catastrophic A1GP where teams were different nationalities all fighting against each other and we all know how that went down the drain. Then we also have Superleague Formula which is actually quite entertaining to watch, albeit if in some people's cases because of Franck Montagny. People do say F1's rules change all the time though so maybe one they'll change into football style rules - for example, if a race winner can't be decided, we go into a pit stop penalty shootout, with the cars having to beat a set time by their opponents onto a leaderboard. Or how about an offside rule where a car is flagged if it tried to pass a car whilst the other car is defending... sure, that would eliminate overtaking but... hmm, OK. Fair enough. Ghostbusters did warn not to cross the streams and now I know why.

Here is your menu for today, Sir

Sidepodcast F1: Diego Forlan tries to get his teammates to point out their best player

Credit: FootballPictures.net

Diego Forlan tries to get his teammates to point out their best player

Now to get back on topic a bit. As I've said, today is where the semi finals begin to take place and tonight we just have the one single game to look out for, which is:

  • Uruguay vs Netherlands - 1930 BST - Live on ITV

Now you have all the right to slap me if I jinx this but I'm thinking this will be a very good game. I've enjoyed the Uruguayans so far at this tournament and we all know what the Dutch can do. I can't help but feel both teams have quite a weak defence compared to the rest of the team and I can see this being the weak point for either team to capitalise on. Both have a good team though so it'd be interesting to see which team actually prevails as this is the first time Uruguay have been in the semi final in 40 years!

There's definitely at least one star man to watch out in either team too - Diego Forlan has had a fantastic World Cup and constantly shown why his time at Man Utd was a premature blip in his career as he's gone from strength to strength since. Uruguay will want their captain to go out and fight for the Golden Boot (top goalscorer of the tournament) and I can see him adding at least one more to his tally tonight. On the Dutch side of things, their star man for me is Wesley Sneijder, their creative and very talented midfielder who can bring the ball forward and find the exact right pass for what the Dutch forwards will need. If I had to predict a score, my heart says 2-0 to Uruguay but my brain says a win for Netherlands at 2-1.

Make sure you return to the comments at 1930 BST and enjoy the game with us all!

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