2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 21

3 July, 2010 at 11:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hi everyone, the football writing duties have fallen to me today. That’s right, I take no interest in the sport at all, but I made a deal with Mr C, so here I am. Look out for Mr C’s Wimbledon post by the way. I’ll ask that you take into consideration my lack of football knowledge throughout this post, but we’ve all got to start learning sometimes I suppose.

So, I did some research and by looking at Mr C’s fabulous football post from yesterday I have discovered that there were two matches.  The Netherlands played Brazil, and Uraguay played Ghana. As if this wasn’t enough football information for me to handle I had to find out who won. So I asked Lukeh, and I can now give you a exclusive summary of those results and games from what I understood.

The Netherlands vs Argentina – Lukeh’s words were ‘OH MY GOD!!’ when we found out that the Netherlands had won. Now, we’ve established I don’t know my David Seamans from my Robert Greens but after a long explanation I gather that Argentina’s defeat is somewhat of a shock. An analogy I’m sure we can all understand is that it’s a bit like Nico Rosberg beating Schumacher. Totally unexpected and brilliant at the same time. I hear Argentina are ‘the best team in the world’ so goooo Holland!

The last game of the day was Ghana vs Uruguay. Now I have no idea about these two teams, I didn’t even know they were in the world cup. However with Uruguay winning on penalties, I gather this wasn’t much of a surprise. Lukeh says that Ghana had a chance to win the match, but didn’t.

Sounds like it was an exciting day, but with it being Jenson day at Goodwood unfortunately we’ll not get chance to see today’s games. However if you’re interested on the matches they are as follows;

  • Germany v Argentina – 15:00 (GMT+1)
  • Spain v Paraguay – 19:30 (GMT +1)

I’m confused as to why Argentina get a second go, football seems much more forgiving than Formula 1. Can you imagine drivers getting a second chance at qualifying for the race? We’re off to Goodwood, but I hope you all have a lovely time watching the matches. Can you believe this has been going on for 21 days?!

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