2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 19

29 June, 2010 at 04:59 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

It's another day of world cup action, and my time for writing one more football related post has arrived earlier than expected. It cannot be that fans interest has waned since England were dumped out of the competition can it? Still, less of England means we'll see a better class of football, but before we talk about that, let us discuss typography.

I have been informed by numerous sources that these typographic t-shirts from Didi are the epitome of cool. I'll be honest with you, it looks like lists of player names on a variety of coloured material to me. However, they are football related and contain something of a typeface, so they'll do for me. Do feel free to make up your own jokes about the England team having sold out.

Sidepodcast F1: Schumacher challenges Rosberg to a game of Tipp-Kick football in the F1 paddock.

Credit: Mercedes GP

Schumacher challenges Rosberg to a game of Tipp-Kick football in the F1 paddock.

Second confession of the day - I have no idea what Tipp-Kick football is, nor do I know if it was Michael or Nico, pictured in the photograph above, who won the match. I do however know that it's not the first time Michael has played a teammate at table football in the middle of the F1 paddock. It must be a World Cup thing.

About those games

Just two games make up today's kick-about action, and they line up as follows:

  • Paraguay versus Japan at 15:00 (GMT+1)
  • Spain versus Portugal at 19:30 (GMT+1)

The first game is a tough call, with Paraguay surely being the logical favourites. Japan though, have been playing a very impressive game of football up until now.

Meanwhile the second match of the day is slightly more predictable, I'm pitching for a Portugal win over Spain in that one. Enjoy!

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