2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 18

28 June, 2010 at 11:00 (GMT+01:00)

By startledbunny

It is my Inaugural turn to write the post for Day 18 of the World Cup. Now I know nothing about Football, and by the looks of it, neither do the England team, but I don't think it's time to give my national team a hard time, like the rest of the armchair enthusiasts will be doing.

Today there will be two matches, with teams from the same Continents, playing each other.

The first match pitches two European teams against each other. The second match is between two South American teams.

  • Match 53 - Durban - Netherlands vs Slovakia 16:00 Local Time, 15:00 BST
  • Match 54 - Johannesburg - Brazil vs Chile 20:30 Local Time, 19:30 BST

The winners from each match will play each other on Friday 2nd July.

I have only watched the two England matches and a small amount of the first South Africa game this year. Despite this, I would highly recommend all of you to go see a live football game, in the flesh as it were.

About 11 and a half years ago, my local team, Huddersfield Town, were drawn in the FA Cup to play Liverpool at home. I managed to get a ticket to this match, and ITV picked it as one of their Live Matches.

We saw the Liverpool team leave the team bus and make their way into the stadium, and were surprised at how short Michael Owen was. He was tiny!

Entering the stadium, seeing the pitch, and hearing the crowd, will live with me forever. You could see the Tiny box ITV had in the corner of the pitch, which housed Desmond Lynam, Terry Venables, and, I think, Jimmy Hill.

I can't deny, that watching a match at home, has it's benefits. You get to see every foul, every goal kick, every offside decision as it is replayed ad infinitum, that was my main thought as I could see the ITV crew look away from the pitch to watch the replays. You miss all that. But to sit there, watching a piece of history, hearing chants from the crowds in the opposite stand, feeling every kick of the ball, soaking in the atmosphere, feeling the exhilaration, then utter disappointment as goal scoring opportunities appear, then disappear. You really have to try it. I totally recommend it.

Huddersfield lost 2-0 to Liverpool that day. My most abiding memory on leaving the stadium, was that I was quite pleased at the performance of Huddersfield, despite the score, but obviously the regular home fans were not of the same opinion, and there were glum faces everywhere.

I still am shocked that there are highlights are on You Tube. My mind hasn't blown though, that can be left to Lukeh!

Please join us in the comments as we watch these interesting matches. On a personal level, I'll be rooting for the Netherlands, as one of my podcasting friends, Rob, lives in Groningen. He's on tour at the moment, doing acrobatics and breathing fire for a living.

Here's hoping for some enthralling football.

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