2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 10

20 June, 2010 at 11:25 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Good Morning People – It’s Day 10 of the World Cup. Wasn’t yesterday’s action brilliant? I may be slightly biased however, because we went to watch the Danish game at an outdoor stadium – where the atmosphere was brilliant! So many people went to see it, all dressed in red and white with flags, horns, beach balls and LOADS OF NOISE!!!

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Credit: RubberGoat

As the game started I felt Denmark were scared of the Cameroons – they were very jittery and nervous. But we couldn’t believe our eyes when Cameroon scored first – not only was the goal caused by a horrible defensive mistake, it was almost an exact copy of the mistake Denmark made which led to them being knocked out of the 1986 World Cup. All the noise in the crowd subsided and we all kept shaking our heads. How could they be this bad? They beat Portugal and Sweden to qualify!

And then… WE SCORED!!!

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Credit: RubberGoat

Nicklas ‘Pink Boots’ Bendtner scored a great goal and the game completely changed. Denmark were very lucky as they were outplayed, yet scored again and held on to win. Sadly, this means that the wonderful Cameroon are out … bittersweet because we all want to see the African teams do well. But the crowd we were in were too busy celebrating!

The atmosphere was brilliant and Copenhagen was full of singing and dancing – a great night out and a great way to watch football. If any of you get a chance to watch it this way, I highly recommend it!

Today’s games

So, today we have some mega games in store for you today. Here’s the Schedule:

Slovakia vs. Paraguay (12:30 GMT+1)

Slovakia will be disappointed not to have beaten NZ as we all expected them to be easy points for the other three teams. Realistically they must beat Paraguay, who managed a great score draw with Italy, so can afford to not win this and hopefully for them, beat New Zealand. F1Wolf is a Slovakia supporter, so if you need a reason to back a team, that’s good enough for me ;)

Italy vs. New Zealand (15:00 GMT+1)

Now… This game is the big one for me. I have a few different teams in this World Cup – my Dad is English and my Mum is Italian, but I grew up in NZ and I live in Denmark with a Danish wife. Normally this doesn’t pose a problem – I often only have to support England and Italy, who hardly ever meet at the World Cup.

This time, it’s very, very different. New Zealand and Italy are in the same group – which means that two of my teams collide. My family have already been ribbing each other about this one – and it could cause arguments depending on what happens today. Now, New Zealand played awesome against Slovakia in the last game – coming from behind with a last minute goal from a player who ironically lives and plays in Denmark!

Italy struggled against Paraguay in their first game, which gives me some hope that something might happen. You may scoff at the suggestion, but a lot of games have not gone the way we thought they would. This game sums up what I love about football so much – you never know what is going to happen until the final whistle blows.

So I urge you all to support the underdog and cheer on New Zealand – the plucky amateurs who may have qualified in an easy group, but have shown that they deserve their place amongst the world’s best.


Brazil vs. Ivory Coast (19:30 GMT+1)

Finally the game many will look forward to – the clash between two mighty teams in the Group of Death. Brazil beat North Korea, but disappointed many as they were expected to pummel them – yet only scored twice and North Korea got one past them too.

Meanwhile Ivory Coast suffered a ‘bore draw’ with Portugal in the first game, neither team looking very convincing. I think Brazil should win this – but if Didier Drogba manages a better game (with a broken arm, in fairness) then there could be a surprise in store.

So, we are in for another great day of football. It’s all about the fun and the passion, which I think we will see plenty of today. I hope you enjoy the games and see you in the comments ;)

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