Daily: Saturday 17th September

17 September, 2011 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)

By Stuart Taylor

Daily Cartoon Sep 17

Another day, another daily! With a weekend off before we dive into to the flyaway third act, let's check out what's going on in the world!

Woz Goin' On?

How do you solve a problem like Korea?: After last year's grand prix was only just about finished in time, Korea are confident that 2011 will be a much better event. The track is unique in that it's a centrepiece for a modern city development that will rise over the next few years, changing the track from a dirty swamp circuit to a sparkly futuristic one. I have seen the official documentation and can confirm the plans for the Yeongam circuit, looking forward:

  • 2014: Commercial Hub of city complete
  • 2016: Parks and lake land complete; many apartments available
  • 2017: Many skyscrapers loom over city, which is now a beacon of commerce
  • 2018: 90% of city complete, Yeongam has a huge international population
  • 2019: Bernie raises circuit fees to GDP of Spain
  • 2020: Locals complain about the circuit being a financial blight and annual inconvenience
  • 2022: Yeongam dropped from F1 calendar
  • 2030: Yeongam residents and workers forget about F1 and wonder why all the city roads are so ridiculously twisty and stupid
  • 2035: Hey, why don't we host an F1 race?

Live the 2011 season in your living room!: Codemaster's latest F1 game will be out by the end of the month and now it's more realistic than ever. Here's what F1 2011 has in store:

  • Safety Car: At last, after years of pleading from fans, the safety car is available in game. This means you can now spend portions of your game time not racing. Instead you'll have to drive slowly for a few minutes, which sounds incredibly exciting!
  • Live the Championship: If you don't play as Vettel, you cannot win.
  • Legal Eagle: The action doesn't stop once the race is over: head straight to the courts to fight over the rights to the 'Lotus' name; argue with the stewards over your exhaust technology; argue with your boss when you're replaced for a race by Marcus Winklehock. In fact, 47% of the game will be LA Noire style conversational scenes.
  • Run from Brundle: As you wait on the grid, you must avoid being caught up by Martin Brundle on his grid walk. Hide behind engineers, throw C-list celebrities in his path, pretend to need the loo - just don't get caught!

Vettel insists the title fight is now over yet: All his competitors have accepted defeat, but Sebastian Vettel says that the everything is still up for grabs. In a recently press conference he said, 'Oh come on, guys! Don't leave! Play with me! I'll tie one hand behind my back. OK, OK, two hands! No? I'll disable my KERS! I'll start from the pitlane. Anything! Don't leave! ... aw.'

No glow-in-the-dark Pirellis: Last year, Bridgestone made their tyre-type markings glow in the dark for the night race in Singapore, but Pirelli have no such intentions. Among many reasons, the most obvious that springs to mind is: it's not dark.

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