Daily: May 6th 2011

6 May, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: The best cake I have EVER seen. A proper Futurama cake!!!

Credit: redpanda19

The best cake I have EVER seen. A proper Futurama cake!!!

Ohh, hello again! I haven't seen you chaps for a while which is a shame but it's Friday and I'm back bringing you today's daily. Peter did a fantastic job last week filling in with his debut daily! Today is of course the start of another Formula 1 weekend, YAY! Remember as always to go and check out the Race Info thread for all your times, weather conditions, tyre graphics and pretty pictures. Did you know that today is International No Diet Day? Sounds like my kind of day to be honest, so if feel like a snack or pigging out remember - it's International No Diet Day! Hurrah! Now, for more pressing matters.

Paddock News

Basically, Williams Needs More Awesome Sir Rubens of Brazil has been out and about commenting on his team this week with all the talk about the changes and whatnot and this and that. He's actually pretty outspoken here and makes some really interesting points about Williams, saying more changes are needed and surely you can't fault him for at least being honest about the situation. Strange times at the historical British team though, to say the least. I am happy to work for them as a Rubens fanboy, should they be looking. Interestingly, it seems Adam Parr and Patrick Head have been in a bit of a verbal scuffle too. Who on earth picks an argument fight with Patrick Head? Adam, you craaaaaazy.

Sound like you need some Calpol, whispering like that - Poor Horse Whisperer. He's always whispering all the time and now he's got a load of allergies. Has he seen a Doctor about this? I'm sure there's a very good vet at Maranello who can help, and wonder why a horse is whispering. Perhaps he's a 'Hoarse' whisperer! Oh hoh. But yes, the mysterious character of Ferrari fiction has been talking about crazy rumours again and still being generally entertaining. I do hope when he or she writes these articles they write them on a platform looking over the small people.

Suddenly I have decided I don't like the new rules - No, no, I kid. Formula 1 has been pretty fabulous so far this year and even Michael Schumacher has decided he's remembered how to smile and enjoy the sport. That's nice of him! But he does seem impressed with the new rules and the fact he can actually race again now. I wonder if he was dominating in the red car again if he'd enjoy the rules as much always being at the front? Food for thought there, chaps. Food for thought. Now I'm just thinking about food.


Take out your note books, and get your pencils ready - You back there, sit up straight! I hope you are listening, because I will ask you questions after this test. Professor Andronov from the School of Giggles has provided us with the next best thing to Look and Read with a video guide to Sidepodcast and it is an educational, entertaining watch for all involved. So I expect you to take down notes and follow the video and his wise words!

The definition of classic from a classic dude. How classic - Another dose of the Rubensnator, I know, but I do very much enjoy watching the classic races on the BBC and this week they asked Rubens to choose his classic races to broadcast. He's got some fab choices as well, as you can imagine I'm delighted to see him choose Hockenheim 2000 but I'm also tingling with happiness that he chose Silverstone in 2008 as well! As a Honda fan watching their team struggle despite the dream team doing their absolute best, this podium was just the most amazing thing. Good times. Also, FIIIIIVE MASSA SPIIIINS! So pleased they chose 5 Live for the footage too.

You Can Now Hear the Doctor - You can never get enough Doctor Who awesomeness and yesterday Matt Smith, who you may know as the Doctor I suppose, turned up at Radio 1 and spoke to Greg James about the show. He does seem like such a nice chap plus I do like his stripey top. Lovely to hear BBC America, and the US in general, is really getting Doctor Who! To quote the 9th Doctor - FANTASTIC!! Whilst we're talking about Radio 1, I had to share this brilliant clip of Brian Cox explaining N Dubz - a bit of bad language but very, very funny!

And Finally

Tim Burton's got nothing on Dali - I can't believe I've never seen this before but this is SO cool. Back in the swinging 60's that crazy old legend that is Salvador Dali decided to make his own version of Alice In Wonderland, but this time with no Johnny Depp and in a book as to where it originated of course. You thought Tim Burton liked to make the story a bit dark and twisted? You ain't seen nothing till you've seen this by Dali. Surreal and just totally awesome. Very, very pretty too. What I would do to spend a day in that man's imagination...

Is there such a thing as Catography? Well there is now! - D'awwww. What a lovely moggy. This three legged little feline, known as Nancy Bean, has had a camera on her automatically taking photography and she's got a gallery of photos on display very soon. Such a cute little idea, don't you think? Plus she gets around mighty fine despite being having the three legs, plus the crazy wibbly wobbly photos remind me of my own superb talents of failing to take a good photograph. Go Nancy! It's also a valuable opportunity to blog Lou's latest work on her photography course, with a few select shots from her self directed course out there on her Tumblr. Let her know what you reckon of her mysterious locations in the comments or on Twitter!

And I am done for another week. I've missed writing a Daily quite a bit wierdly enough, collecting the links and putting it together is grand fun. Rememeber that Free Practise 1 and 2 start today at 0755 GMT and 1155 GMT this morning, although there will be no Anthony Davidson as he's in Spa being generally awesome. Shame, but you gotta do what you gotta do to be awesome. I'll see you lovely people in those comments below for another action packed day!

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