Daily: July 2nd, 2011

2 July, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Stuart Taylor

Sidepodcast F1: A balance is drawn between green technology and the classic F1 sound

Credit: Stuart Taylor

A balance is drawn between green technology and the classic F1 sound

I'm writing this on Thursday because on Friday (i.e. yesterday) I will be going (will have gone) to Oxford for a wedding. Therefore, I'm going to have to hope that I don't embarrass myself by getting this down so early.

So, what does everyone think of Murray's chances in the final tomorrow? Man, after annihilating Nadal, I don't think anything can keep him from winning the title. I'll definitely be watching that one. But today is Saturday and it's time to catch up on the world of F1, past, present and future.

This Week In F1

  • Austin Race is a Go-Go!: The new venue for the USGP has been endorsed by Austin's City Council, though they are pushing to move the race out of its original June slot as Texas is hella hot in the summer. It is unclear if the Circuit of the Americas is one of the "all but two" tracks threatening to switch to Indy Cars if attempts continue to move F1 engines out of the dark ages.
  • Allen and Windsor Come Together: Peter Windsor inviting James Allen onto his F1 Vlog this week, defying experts' advice regarding so much hateable F1 personality in one room. I haven't watched the video, but I presume they both sob over endless whiskeys about their fall from great heights with Windsor eventually pretending to race his USF1 car around the room while Allen commentates. That's probably what's on the video..
  • Daniel Ricciardo to Debut: Word on the street is that Daniel Ricciardo will replace Kartikeyan at HRT for the rest of 2011, save for the Indian GP. HRT look to continue their tradition of rotating as many drivers as possible through their seats, while Toro Rosso continue their tradition of never being entirely sure about their race drivers.

This Time Last Year

  • Newey Given RB5: As a present for all his good work, Adrian Newey was gifted his Red Bull RB5 at the Goodwood. Newey hoped to take some friends out to hire some time at a few circuits "with a lot of run-off areas" and take it for a spin. Rumour has it, on Nick Wirth's resignation, Virgin gave him the VR-01 as a leaving present, which was easy as it fitted on a single USB-keyring.

This Time Five Years Ago

  • Ferrari take Indy 1-2: Schumacher led Barrichello to an American 1-2, after eight cars (Montagny, Webber, Klein, Montoya, Raikkonen, Button, Heidfeld and Speed) retired from a first corner incident. As Fernando Alonso could only managed sixth, this put Schumacher on a serious title charge.

This Time Next Year

  • IndyCar to host 34 race 2014 season: The IndyCar series will be consist of 34 races across the world as it agrees to adopt the 18 F1 events that have switched allegiance from Formula 1 in defiance of it's desire to introduce "wimpy" 1.6 litre V6 turbos. Instead the 34 tracks will be blessed with the hardcore sounds of the Indy 2.2 litre V6 turbos.

  • Bernie: Bored of Silverstone 'Wing' Now: Bernie Ecclestone has criticised Silverstone's 'Wing' building as being 'totally 2011' and 'seriously outdated'. He told media gathered at the British GP, 'I think we'll have to start looking elsewhere is the BRDC can't get their act together. I've got Qatar, Zimbabwe and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia all knocking at my door and asking for races. What am I supposed to tell them?'

  • Lucas: Senna will be better than ever: George Lucas has bought the rights to the movie Senna and plans to re-release the film in the Autumn in 3D and with the driving scenes digitally remastered in CGI. 'There are some things you can't project to your audience with old stock footage,' said the crazed producer, 'now we'll be able to fly in and out of Ayrton's car and really bring that blockbuster feel what was already a fairly solid movie.'

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