Daily: 9th September 2011

9 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: I noticed this in a Futurama episode this week. My life is now complete.

Credit: Matt Groening/Futurama

I noticed this in a Futurama episode this week. My life is now complete.

Hello once again, we seem to have found our Friday which is most excellent really. Today is September 9th and the start of another F1 weekend, yay! Practise takes place at the epic that is Monza today as you can find out in the Race Info thread as always. I really, really do wish I was there. Today’s date also means it was a whole year ago today that I graduated from university which is a little bit scary, how time flies! But there’s much more awesomeness to look at today. I mean, have you seen that Christine now has her own website for all her booky wooky woodiness? 365 F1 Stories even has it’s own trailer and everything. Colour me impressed – with crayons and everything.

Paddock News

Worst. Season. Ever.... Honestly! - Lewis Hamilton has come out and pretty much thrown out his feelings of 2011 so far being a worse season for him than previous years, which could be true to a point but it’s still not like he’s having a terrible year. It’s also a bit silly how people place his Spa retirement to aggressive driving too rather than a driver error but I suppose, with anything Lewis says people will pick up on it. Whilst I don’t think he should be complaining about 2011, I’m glad he’s keeping his driving style the way it is because love him or hate him, the boy knows how to put a spectacle on.

Someone give this wing some cake - Check out Mercedes’ ultra thin rear wing that they’re using this weekend, I noticed the photo yesterday and found it a bit odd how thin it is. I know they say drivers lose a lot of weight for stuff like extra weight of KERS but even the bodywork’s getting a bit thin now!

From Tim to DJ Squire, the man of many names - It seems Toro Rosso driver and man –formerly-under-pressure-unti- HRT-took-Daniel Jaime Algeursauri will be releasing an album next week entitled Organic Life, which is a surprise. Although we all know Tim is a huge fan of his music anyways, at least he’s not Jacques Villeneuve... yet. Is anyone planning to pick it up? And will Sebastian Buemi bring out a rival album to secure a seat in the team...s stereo?


He’s got the F1 World in his Hands - I’ve been looking forward to this iOS related release for a while now, and it’s finally here! Hurrah! The wonderful Kairosoft, who have built a solid reputation for ‘sim’ management games on mobile platforms with Game Dev Story and so on in the last year, have released Grand Prix Story and it’s currently 25% off it’s prices, which is just even better. Well worth a look at it, and whilst you’re at it, I highly recommend Mega Mall Story too from the same guys. They pretty much define the terms ‘addictive’.

Power Laces, all right! - Oh my word, please take hold of me whilst I sit down from the actual awesomeness that this is going to happen. Nike are apparently on the brink of announcing actual Back to the Future 2015 Nike sneakers, with actual self harnessing laces. POWER LACES!! Marty McFly would be so proud, someone must buy MichaelJ Fox a pair. Although I hope the band McFly don’t go wearing them.

Are you still there? - If there’s one thing I love, it’s Portal. Portal 1 and 2 are just masterpieces, especially the second game, and if you’ve played them you’ll no doubt be familiar with the Portal Turrets. But check out what someone has found from 2001 – there was a webcam that was the spitting image of the turrets! How very odd... but also awesome.

Walkin’ All Over the World... well, Moon - Have you ever wondered just how far man has walked on the moon in comparison to a football pitch? Of course you have, all the time. You’re thinking it right now! That’s why you should look at this comparison of man’s steps on that lonesome little satellite with this comparison to a football pitch. Odd, but gives some perspective at least.

And Finally

Even though we’re in for another awesome weekend of F1 action of course, did you know that the Rugby Union World Cup kicks off today in New Zealand? The hosts (New Zealand, in case you didn’t catch that the first time... a whole sentence ago) will be going up against Tonga this morning. That’s British Summer Time, and I can barely keep up with that so I do apologise if you’re somewhere else in the world wondering! Lucky for you, you can kind all your Rugby World Cup info and news right here. My prediction? The All Blacks to go all the way, and by that I mean the proper All Blacks of New Zealand, not that England away kit travesty.

Although the last time I played rugby union was back in school, I do enjoy watching the internationals, especially the World Cup and Six Nations, although I’ve never really been a huge fan of the ‘regions’ you have nowadays in leagues. Although I'm still stuck in a time where Percy Montgomery was a big thing in Newport because of how good he was. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll be watching too if you can and are interested (it’s the only thing Wales are good at in sport, as well!)

And that’ll do for another week. I’ll see you lovely people in the comments!

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