Daily: 9th May 2011

9 May, 2011 at 00:07 (GMT+01:00)


Who cares about F1, football, or any of that rubbish that also goes on in other places. Its all irrelevant, because ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, we are in Eurovision week!

Woo, who's going to win? I genuinely don't know. I'm thinking France, but you don't know what they sound like in any of the rehearsals? Well I imagine ESCDaily is covering all the dress rehearsals with videos and everything, they are awesome. Fancy some thoughts a bit more audible? Well ESCInsight has that one covered too, daily updates every single morning.

And of course the two semi-finals are on the 10th and 12th of this week. The UK, Spain, and all of the countries in Semi Final 1 can vote in the first semi final, and everyone else in the other. The final is on Saturday and all three begin at 8pmGMT+1.

But I suppose I have to talk Formula 1, and there was some racing going on in Turkey yesterday. And guess who won. Leigh and Lukeh of course have their updates and if you missed it (like me, who was playing in torrential downpour only to lose 2-1, after we conceded 2 goals in 1 minute) of course you can read the fabulous highlights on Sidepodcast. Theres also news of DRS being confirmed as not-banned at Monaco, which is going to be fun, especially if you support a team with Kobi and Checo in it (has there been a 'how many front wings has Checo gone through' count by the way? I could swear its at about 4).

Football time and Manchester United all but secured the title. Manchester City all but secured the Champions League Playoff spot. And Charlie Adam all but secured his way out of a deal to Tottenham Hotspur. In the FA Trophy, Darlington won and in the FA Vase, Whitley Bay won their third successive vase, which by any feat, isn't half bad at all. And also means that the North East ROCKS!

Sadly this shall be my last daily for a little while, revision has to come first, and unless anyone fancies a conversation on how crucial the Second Boer War was on the 1906 Election, Sidepodcast ain't the place to do so. So from me. Au revoir.

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