Daily: 9th May 2010

9 May, 2010 at 00:16 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

F1 is back!! Yes that's right it's Sunday and Formula 1 has woken from its 3 week slumber ready to provide us with an afternoon of racing. However this is the daily thread and there are other things to discuss too, such as typography, pandas or why incognito browsers are so useful. If you don’t fancy chatting about typography or pandas here are a few other things that might be of interest;

  • Christine has set herself an epic challenge of visiting a location within the uk for ever letter of the alphabet. The first adventure of which can be found here. I wonder where she will go next?
  • Formula 1 isn't the only racing going on today, the le mans series is back again, this time at Spa. Despite watching many races I still don't fully understand sports car racing, however both Franck and Ant Davidson are involved which surely means it should make for some awesome viewing. I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss, I’ll be trying to keep an eye on our beloved 5live commentator’s position and no doubt Christine will be watching for news on Franck’s progress too. Is anyone else supporting a particular driver or team?
  • It's Sunday, as you might have guessed, which can mean only one thing, last night was Dr Who night!! If you’re a fan of the charming Doctor, or just fancy catching up with his latest adventure there are two blogs you really can’t afford to miss. Christine and Lukeh have once again written about their thoughts on this week’s episode.

That’s about it from me today, there is no Giggles radio on today, but we’ve got a whole day of racing to keep us occupied instead! Whether or not you choose to watch the race, or opt to spend your Sunday doing something else (like learning about typography!), I hope you have a lovely day!

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