Daily: 9th May 2009

9 May, 2009 at 01:15 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Free Practice was probably about what we were expecting - Piquet wasn't particularly impressive, the BMWs were hit and miss, and Alonso was doing his best to show off for the crowds. Here's to more of the same today. So far, we are discussing:

  • Brawn seem to have picked up a few more sponsors this weekend, as well as Williams who have announced two new deals. Is there something about returning to European soil that brings the contracts out of the woodwork?
  • Rosberg has been complaining about the massive weight loss programmes some of the drivers have undergone for this season, and he's worried about the effect it's having on their health. I do agree with him on the fact that it shouldn't be happening, but wonder whether the blame doesn't lie with the teams rather than the weight limits? Teams will always push to be able to move weight around no matter how high the limits are, no?
  • Toro Rosso are pushing forward with their plans to become a full constructor by next year, despite "these troubled times." It's good to hear some positivity from a team, and talk of expansion rather than redundancy.

That'll do for now. We are so far behind it's not even possible to imagine, but we'll do our best to get caught up, and see you in the comments at the same time.

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