Daily: 9th March 2011

9 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Gavin Brown

Sidepodcast F1: A great Spring Sunset near where I live...

Credit: Gavin Brown

A great Spring Sunset near where I live...

Hey guys, did you enjoy your pancakes yesterday? Good, because today is the first day of lent, where you are supposed to give up something.  Seeing as we have given up on F1 for months I think we are all ok though ;)

I once gave up chocolate when I was a kid – man it was difficult, and to make things worse, I ate like a pig on Easter Sunday!

Anyway, we have some F1 news for you, so have a look at the links I have in store for you today:

F1 News

Well, we had the first day of the final test today – where the biggest story seemed to be McLaren’s new nose. No, not the Comic Relief sketch, but a device to measure wing flexing, according to ScarbsF1

Apparently Pirelli are going to be allowed to test experimental compounds during Friday Practice sessions in order to gather data, as they have not had any running in hot weather yet.

The FIA have announced that the decision on whether Bahrain will happen this year will be taken in May, along with some other confusing rule changes involving the pitlane and the safety car (no, I don’t understand why either)…

The UK website for the Senna movie has been launched - which comes out June 3rd (not quickly enough!) Chainbear has an excellent idea for the sequel too – and speaking of Back to the Future, here’s another trailer ;)

Christine has her driver and team rankings up – also including the lovely gesture by @MyTeamLotus to Rob Sinfield (@GrandPrixDiary), who was supposed to be on the Flight to Malaysia where Richard Branson was the stewardess, but he pulled out.  Team Lotus are still going to take him to the Malaysian Grand Prix, which I reckon is really nice of them!

We have a lovely new toy in the Sidepodcast Playground with more to come – I really like the look of this…

The BBC have an F1 preview up which will shock you – it’s filmed in a studio so you can actually hear what they are saying, it’s not geo-locked and Eddie Jordan is mouthing off against McLaren (again…)  Quite a decent job and I reckon they should have more studio time at the actual races too!

Some blogs for you

VivaF1 have a fantastic article about some of the shadier characters who have graced the F1 paddock.

Leigh was at Silverstone yesterday to see some F3 testing.

F1 Badger has a great article about the nearly men of F1.

Joe Saward talks about a day out helping up and coming drivers as part of the FIA Academy.

WTF1 had a circuit drawing competition – which you have to see the winner of!

Also Pat’s got his TMR Scores updated for the week – no picks this week but don’t forget to make them for next week.  Also, every now and then I will write a blog post with some graphs, so you guys can see how you are tracking ;)

This is an awesome picture of the sun and a detached prominence – very cool!

How about a cool infographic of Doctor Who, including Sonic Screwdrivers!

Tomb Raider is coming back to the cinema as a ‘reboot’.  I liked the first movie but the second was a bit boring…

There was a link in the daily the other day for a Traffic Simulator from Eyeteaguy – it’s a lot of fun and a neat little curiosity to play with…

I am starting to cycle to work – soon I shall be running too, and I am using an app for my iPhone called ‘Runkeeper’ to log my progress.  I am slow at the moment but I am getting better already.  You can track my progress here if you want.  There are others blogging about their fitness routines too – Amy and Christine amongst others.  Why not give it a go yourself?

Finally, a question for you to ponder.  Who came first, the chicken or the egg? :D

See you in the comments guys ;)

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