Daily: 9th June 2010

9 June, 2010 at 00:05 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Good day to you, it’s Gavin again, introducing you to Wednesday yet again. But it's not just any old Wednesday today, oh no - this is the Wednesday before a fantastic weekend of Sport, with Le Mans, F1 and the World Cup all happening, there's something for everyone...

  • With Le Mans Free Practice and Qualifying starting tomorrow, here's a gallery of Scrutineering pics from Speedhunters. Mulsanne's Corner reports that it was a non-event, but it's a great way for fans to see the cars and drivers up close. What do you think of the BMW Art Car?
  • There's been a bit of F1 news too. Results from round 7 of the SofaF1 Championship have been posted, Joe Saward has been talking about a proposed Russian round of F1 at Sochi (where the Winter Olympics will be held), and finally James Allen has been discussing Jean Todt's initiative to link F1 drivers to safer roads.
  • In another interview, Jean Todt was quoted as saying "...the strong man is not he who speaks the loudest". Quite a refreshing change, don't you think?
  • Christine and Mr. C. have posted Mark Webber's lap of Montreal on the Red Bull Simulator, which is powered by rFactor Pro. Always worth watching - Cheers guys :D
  • David Croft from BBC Radio 5 Live announced who will be replacing Anthony Davidson in the commentary box this weekend (as Ant will be driving a Peugeot 908 at Le Mans). He announced it via his Twitter account, which Pat W summarised for us in the comments. Looks like a cool lineup!
  • McLaren have admitted to a communication breakdown at the Turkish Grand Prix, which led to Jenson overtaking Lewis. So are we 'drawing a line' under this issue too then?
  • Apparently Valentino Rossi's leg is healing quite nicely. Good to hear, get well soon Vale, we miss you...
  • I have been listening to a podcast called Guardian Football Weekly for a while now - and they have started a series called 'World Cup Daily'. Essential listening for the upcoming football festival I reckon.
  • Finally, here's a couple of oddball videos for you. First, a classic Abbott & Costello Sketch about why 13 multiplied by 7 is 28, and a great video from Improv Everywhere where a bunch of people just freeze on the spot in Grand Central Station, New York. Brilliant Stuff!

Well that's all from me - plenty of links to keep you happy, so see you in the comments :)

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