Daily: 9th July 2011

9 July, 2011 at 00:24 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Today would normally be Amy's Heikki News Monthly, but I suspect that timezones have got in the way again. To honour what should be the content of this daily, here are five tweets from Heikki recently.

“@Thomasgsf1: @H_Kovalainen did your girlfriend ban you from the ROC?” No she enjoyed the ride last year!

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

Heikki won't be appearing at the big race in December, having crashed out and injured himself and his girlfriend last year. I wonder if she really did enjoy it.

Nadal going to win today, Djokovic grunting too much, should save energy hitting the ball

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

Everyone's favourite Finn watched plenty of the tennis over the past month or so, with Wimbledon high on his priorities. He's also been tweeting about Tour de France, and I think boxing.

Good day with the team, all well prepared for silverstone and next years design well on way

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

It's not all play, though, sometimes there is work to do.

Great night at the Great Ormond Street Charity event, some heartbreaking stories by kids and families, they're doing great job

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

Doing a good deed.

Fun Friday bit of rain running always fun, tomorrow should be dry tho...

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

Heikki believes driving in the rain is fun, so hopefully, no matter what the weather, we'll see at least one Lotus out on track today.

Enjoy the F1 action, peoples!

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