Daily: 9th April 2011

9 April, 2011 at 00:21 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Hello there and happy Saturday to one and all. It's a racing weekend so we're all busy, busy, but there's always time to give a quick wave and settle down in the daily for a natter. I must say Happy Birthday to Paul, who would celebrate today, except Jacques Villeneuve has stolen all the thunder of the day by also having a birthday. Happy birthday to both, that's what I say. Now, on with some news and things. Hey, you know what? I might try some bullet points.

  • First up, of course, it's qualifying day in Sepang. We've got Free Practice 3 coming up in the wee small hours, and then quali starts at the more reasonable 9am. I'll have the Factbyte Factbox fired up at about 8am UK time, so I hope to see you there. Who do you think can grab pole position today?
  • Ooh, if you're thinking about who might do well and who won't this weekend, don't forget to put in your picks for the SofaF1 pole poll. And can someone remind me to do it before qualifying starts? Thanking you!
  • Whilst on the subject of pretty cars, Lukeh has designed a Williams livery on a car in Forza 3. I don't know much about racing games, but I know that it looks amazing and must have taken a lot of time and even more patience, so well done Lukeh!
  • Back to F1 for a moment, a speedy update in both audio and visual - F1 Minute has all the Friday Practice information you need in just 60 seconds, whilst F1 Big Picture focuses in on one team in particular.
  • Meanwhile, if you want a bit of a glimpse into the latest Sidepodmeetup in Boston, then Kai has done a most excellent writeup - it's almost like we were there!
  • Finally, yesterday, we rounded up the two Mercedes adverts, highlighting just how amusing they are and asking the important question - Who would you choose? Michael or Nico?

I think that will do for now, I'm sure there will be plenty to keep an eye on throughout the day, so it only remains for me to say that you should keep an eye on the various Sidepodcast Twitter lists for great updates throughout the sessions. Oh, and also that I will see you in the comments.

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