Daily: 10th April 2011

10 April, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Good morning race fans! How are you all today? Its race daaayy, how exciting! Yesterday bought an amazing qualifying session, meaning the stage is set for a brilliant race today. The ever present promise of rain, and the small margins between the top 4 drivers could equal the perfect formula for a wonderful morning of racing.

Before I go into any links today is the last opportunity we have to vote. Vote for what I hear you ask?..

Sidepodcast F1: Vote for Amy!!

Credit: Amy Fulton

Vote for Amy!!

It’s getting close so if there is a friend you’ve not asked, or a member of your family.. or even your postman, today is the day! Details on what to do can be found here. Uber Fan Amy needs your help and.. your friends… your parents.. and well, you get the idea.

Yesterday was, of course, qualifying, and my what a qualifying it was! If you missed anything you can find the highlights here and Leigh has done a great round up of all the action here. You can also watch the top three press conference here, if you missed it too.

Oh and don’t forget F1 minute!!

If you’re wondering what’s up with Ferrari’s pace this weekend then well… so are Ferrari. Answers on a postcard to Maranello, sounds like they need our help too!

Ohh and a bit of F1 news, pole position has moved to the right hand side for the race today find out why here.

Time for this week’s inspirational arty links:

• Landscapes really are dramatic and beautiful things.

• Ever wanted some quirky and different shoes?

• I think I want these in my garden.

• Samuel Bradley is a 2nd year student of UCA, and he’s a pretty damn good contemporary photographer.

• Let’s have a photo of Kimi smiling, cause well we don’t have enough of those do we?

• Want a different and cute F1 poster? Think I may have found something for you.

• Finally, if all these links have inspired you to get creative, why now try out the mclaren competition?

I want to end with another link to one of my uni friend’s work. Dom is one of my flatmates (he’s recently joined twitter and everything!) and he’s a lovely guy (he’s letting me use his TV to watch F1 this weekend and everything!). Last term he edited a documentary video and it’s ace. However he’d love your opinions too, so please check it out and tweet him any views please, he’d love it!

I hope you all enjoy the race today, and the rest of this lovely Sunday. See you all in the comments!

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