Daily: 8th September 2011

8 September, 2011 at 00:55 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hello everyone. It has been a good week for achievements among the commenters, congratulations to Guille for completing his Phd and becoming a Doctor in physics, and congrats to Lou on passing her driving test, freeeedom!

Have you heard of astro-archaeology? The 'space age' is only a half a century old and in any case you don't imagine satellites from 40 years ago are still in orbit, yet a team are planning to contact the first and only British satellite to have been launched by a British rocket, which was launched in 1971. They have some interesting challenges, including rebuilding the old hardware, finding the access codes and getting permission to use the radio frequencies!

Yesterday a collection of successful NASCAR drivers met with President Barack Obama. Jeff Burton said, "Everybody knows who Thomas Jefferson is, but people don't necessarily know his wife. You know what I mean?". Inspiring.

The other day we were talking about Gunnar Jeannette and how the ALMS driver likes using GoPro cameras to record himself racing and doing extreme sports such as jumping from helicopters. We found his YouTube channel and yesterday I found his Vimeo channel. From the latter here is video footage from a GoPro camera attached to the top of his helmet as he takes his LMP Challenge car around Road America just last month.

Road America Helmet Camera from Gunnar Jeannette on Vimeo.

- Gunnar Jeannette, #06 CORE Autosport ORECA FLM09, American Le Mans Series

Jeannette was racing at Baltimore last weekend in the ALMS, and IndyCar was there too. I've written a few words about the weekend as I saw it from a few thousand miles away having watched both races live online. I took the liberty of including Jeanette's video of his qualifying session, the GoPro attached to the car this time, so do take a look at that. (I hope he doesn't mind people liberally using his videos all over the place.)

This weekend's racing is as eclectic a mix as ever:

  • F1 - Monza
  • GP2 - Monza
  • ILMC/LMS - Silverstone
  • GT1 - Beijing Goldenport
  • WRC - Australia

I'll be at the Silverstone 6 Hours to witness Audi and Peugeot racing hard, who else is going? I do love Monza though so will be watching the Italian GP as soon as I get home!

Have a great day.

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