Daily: 8th November 2010

8 November, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT)


Due to having a rubbish weekend, RG has gone on strike for two days. This unfortunatly covers his daily, so therefore instead of your usual daily, we will show a repeat of a popular afternoon show.


Noël: "8 links, a tasty few links are available, just one question. Welcome to Link or No Link.... Here at the Computer is John. Hi John, where are you from and what would you like to be linked to?"

John: "Well, I'm from the South, because thats where everyone on TV is more or less from, and I'd love to be linked to anything from the Brazilian Grand Prix."

Noël: "Right, begin the game, which four boxes would you like to be opened?"

John: "Well, I'll save my favourite numbers until the end, so 5, 3 and 1 please."

Noël: "Excellent, Laura, open box number 5, lets start with something non-Brazil related please."

Laura: "Best of luck John, you've been great to stand next too, all the best." [Opens box, Crowd Groan]

Noël: "Oh dear, awful start, the New Teams Championship by RG has gone, that was Brazil related, gutting. Number 3 please Simon."

Simon: "All the best mate." [Opens box, more crowd groaning]

Noël: "Two of the Brazil links have gone I'm afraid, thats Lukeh's Race Review gone as well. 6 remain and only a few from Brazil remain. Sue, please let box 1 be kind to us." [Sue smiles, opens box, crowd groan again] "What can I say? A truly dire round, now Sebastian's Whats the Points has come out. I don't think it could have gone any worse. Thoughts John."

John: "Well, it looks like I won't be linked with anything about Brazil, I am pretty gutted, still hope." [Phone rings, Noël picks it up and talks]

Noël: "Bad round. And I'm afraid The Banker has given you a bad offer, its the link that one of the great runners Haile Gebrselassie has reitred."

John: "Oh dear, well, ask me the question then."

Noël: "John, Link, or No Link?"

John: "No Link" [Audience applauses]

Noël: "Right, name two more boxes to go."

John: "Well, number 7 and 8."

Noël: "Marc, box number 7, let this be a good one."

Marc: "You've been a great friend to me, I will miss you so much." [Opens Box, guess who groans]

Noël: "John, that is the news of Jenson Button and his armed attack, or whichever you believe. Tough link to get and you have lost the big four. Lets hope number 8 is kind, Lucy, please."

Lucy: "You've been great." [Opens Box, crowd happy for once]

Noël: "About time we get some good news, that is, two week old link to the Speedway GP wildcard picks. And really, no surprise. You'll be happy that is out of the way." [Phone rings, they talk] "Right, he's offered you... the results to the MotoGP."

John: "Well, okay, it is a lot to lose. Hmm, ask me."

Noël: "John, Link or No Link?"

John: "Hmm.... link." [Audience applauds, hugging, kissing etc.]

Noël: "Right, but lets see what you could have been linked with." [Box opens, crowd gasp] "Oh dear. A link to a Franck Montagny (controversial) victory was available but you threw it away, you must be gutted."

John: "Having seen the box, yes. I can't bare it, but, I've had a lovely time here as well."

Noël: "And that is the game, John had an awful start and an awful finish. Come back next time for more, Link or No Link."