Daily: 8th May 2011

8 May, 2011 at 00:54 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! It’s race day and what an exciting prospect, we’re back to normal timing and we can finally settle down into the season. My daily is going to be a bit shorter today, I’ve got a deadline on Monday so it’s all go in the world of lou. Wish me luck!

Before we get into any F1 news lets get this out of the way first. Did you watch Dr Who last night?! We did.

Brilliant wasn’t it.

Right, onto some lovely F1 then. Yesterday we had FP3 see the results here.

Qualifying went well today, for Red Bull, we’d be surprised if it didn’t though wouldn’t we. You can catch up on the highlights here and results here. As a small bit of post qualifying piece of news (isn’t it lovely that we have F1 news) Di Resta was given a reprimand for failing to stop at the weighbridge following the end of Q2, read more about it here. #sorrysteven

Of course qualifying wasn’t the only form of motorsport on yesterday, the 500km of Spa also happened, we live commented it too! Congrats to Ant and the Peugeot team on their victory! Well deserved.

On to the more art filled section of our Sunday now with some fun links for you all:

• Wouldn’t you just love to have this garden! How cool!

Summer is finally here, so why not enjoy it with some relevant summer images?

• Ever wondered what it may be like f cartoons invaded our world?

• Never be afraid of getting old. Old faces are sometimes more beautiful than the youngest of models’.

• Here are some rather awesome Cars 2 themed vintage posters. Can’t wait to see this film!

• Do you live in Tokyo? If so please can you go to this resturant, take photos and report back to me? I would love to go there, how amazing does it look!

I shall leave you with two very amazing things. Firstly take a look at this brilliant video based on flip books.

Then open this link and marvel at just how talented this man is. What an inspiration.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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