Daily: 8th March 2011

8 March, 2011 at 00:50 (GMT)

By amandoloss

Knock, Knock. *squeaking* Wooden doors are being opened. Well hello there ...! Glad you popped by. Tea? Coffee? ehm ... soda? No? Hmmm ... News? Aaaa, I knew it! Let's see if I find some nice news for you today ... Please, take a seat, make yourself comfortable ... ah, yes, take your shoes off first, please ... all right ... where were we? Ah yes, the news ...

Good news! Timo is feeling better and today he took a "short" walk. Oh boy, this is really frustrating ... even a just-released-from-hospital-after-a-surgery-Timo is fitter than me!! Blame you carnival! Can't go to the gym tonight 'cause everything is closed! Tomorrow I shall hit the center and ... beware, Timo! :D I might not catch up with Mark, though ... *sigh*

Lewis said Formula 1 has become slower, however I think it is too soon to judge the new season, isn't it? Meanwhile Joe wrote an interesting article in which he compared F1 to wrestling. This made me chuckle, really, because a friend of mine went to this year's carnival as Hulk Hogan. He even dyed his moustache blond! That's commitment, if you ask me.

Ferrari has changed the name of their 2011 car for the second time: it's now called Ferrari 150° Italia. The time will show if it's a bella Italia ...

The final testing in a very much bella Barcelona kicked off. Uuuuu, exciting! I suppose Christine already is sharpening her .. errr ... keyboard? However, stick to sidepodcast.com and you won't lose a second of the Barcelona action!

For more F1 news from today visit Manipef1.com, an since you're already at Manipe's you might want to listen to his latest chat with our lovely hosts? A fantastic show, much to learn = you have to listen to it. Loved the cricket intro. :-)

Speaking of which: I hope you were more lucky than me, and didn't miss that England vs. South Africa thing. Boy!! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I was stuck at work, you know, battling with our new, totally incomprehensible, dumb, complicated and annoying software system. I was lucky enough to get to see the first half of The Match of All Matches. And yes, we won it. 3 -freekin'-1 at home. With a Dutch hat-trick. Just take a look at this Suarez's thing he's doing there (00:27 onwards) ... wasn't he sublime? Very much so! The best birthday present for King Kenny ever, if you ask me. He probably would have said the same, if you asked him.

Sorry? I beg you a pardon ...? You forgot to read the Tweets of the Week? What are you waiting for then, son? Hush, hush! Oh, but do not forget your shoes!!!! Oh, left already ... such a hurry ... But since he's gone ... :)))))))))

The doors are being closed very slowly ... *squeaking* ... Have a lovely daaaaaay!! The voice is dying away *shut*

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