Daily: 8th July 2009

8 July, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, but if not, it's the mid-point today - Wednesday. Things can only get better, and if they don't get better then we're closer to the weekend than we were before. Now you have that uplifting thought, here are some other topics to think about:

  • Lukeh has written an excellent piece on his blog regarding his trip to Goodwood. It was his first time at the Festival of Speed and it's fair to say he got a lot more out of it than we did on our first attempt at navigating the hill!
  • For once, the letters F, I and A are not miserable around here, as there is the prospect of a new president come October. Okay, that's getting a bit carried away, but if someone is prepared to stand against the dreaded Max, then I am prepared to believe he can do it. Joe has some more information on Ari Vatanen and he seems to be an all round good guy.
  • Yesterday, we were discussing the relative merits of Villeneuve's attempts to rejoin the sport. Without wishing to ignite that debate again, Jacques did raise a good point that with the testing ban, experience counts for a lot. Who else would you like to see make a triumphant return, or who would you most like to stay away?

That'll do for now. Don't forget, you can listen to the last episode of the recent F1 Safety episode, or if you're hanging around for the omnibus, it should be along later today. I'll see you in the comments.

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