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8 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?

Credit: Lukeh

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?

Good morning, afternoon and evening whatever time of the day it may be and hello from another Friday. I still can't believe it's April but we're getting ready for the second race of the 2011 Formula 1 season with Sepang hosting the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend. Can you believe the track has technically been in Formula 1 for 3 decades now? It still feels like a new race to me! If you kindly point yourselves towards the Race Information thread Christine has compiled all the info you need to make sure you're all swotted up on this weekend's race. Remember, Free Practise 1 and 2 take place in the early hours of today so if you want to silly o'clock it up, then we'll be here commenting as ever. Onwards to the links!

Paddock News

Well I blame Mr Motivator for the flexing - He's had enough. His quiff has snapped and he's unleashing his red bull fury. Christian Horner has told his rivals to just STOP. - no, it is not hammer time, and yes, that grolsch is now ready. But he is saying stop because he's a bit fed up of his rivals saying the front wing of the Red Bull is still flexing. So what, it like's to exercise right? Maybe the other cars are just plain lazy. That's definitely it.

Back in Brack...ley - Those lovely, lovely people in Brackley that were formerly known as Honda and Brawn have decided to give HRT a bit of a helping hand by giving them access to one of the spare wind tunnels the team has which is nice of them. Joe says that HRT are hoping for a better weekend than Australia with is like saying I hope this teapot will not melt now it is not made of chocolate. In all fairness though, I thought HRT did alright considering the mess they turned up in and Liuzzi did his best to get the most out of car totally not ready. Surely the only way is up, right?


Jenson and Lewis, Dressed to Impress I Guess - Finally, the Hugo Boss competition to create a funky little race suit for various Grand Prix around the world has launched in the UK and you can get the chance to win a really awesome trip to Silverstone for the race and paddock access and a hotel and everything! Awesome! Of course Lou did come 3rd a few years ago in Jenson's helmet competition for Silverstone... perhaps this is an omen... also I should say there are various races the competition applies to but this is in regards to the British Grand Prix competition launching yesterday. Woo!

He didn't see Pele, he was having a go at NASCAR - Kimi-mania is running wild in NASCAR now as he's actually gone and done those tests for Kyle Busch Motorsports in preperation for his five race debut coming later this year. I still find the idea of Kimi in NASCAR absolutely mental, it just seems very random to me but fair play to the Iciest of all Ice Men for finding more icing to go on his already icy cake of his that he probably bought from Iceland.

Bathurst has never looked so highly defined! - The genius that is Mr C found this excellent little video yesterday of Jenson's lap around Bathurst that was so highly publicised last week filmed with an onboard HD camera and my word does it look lovely. And it's only a diddy little camera too! Even more amusing was Janna's discovery for Mr C that can come in perfectly for future Sidepodparties...

Well you could press Ctrl+S but... that's so Windows... - Thought this was an interesting little discussion about the save icon we're all so used to of a floppy disk. It's never really occured to me before I read this but now I can't help but wonder... why is it still such an out dated piece of technology? I mean, I know it's just an icon but I suppose it really does show how iconic something can be with making us know what it means. Whenever I see a floppy disk icon it automatically stands out as how to save something for me, on computers, games, whatever. Interesting little train of thought though.

And Finally

Perhaps Roadie #42 is the real answer to Life, the Universe and Everything - Over the past few months I've kept an eye on the updates from Coldplay's Roadie #42 and I thought I'd post the update that he so kindly provided this week on the progress of Coldplay's album scheduled to be released later this year. I love little updates like this with bands just giving a greater deal of what's happening and the big picture (did someone say Big Picture?) of their album work. Plus I like Coldplay, and so does David Tennant, so they're cool no matter what anyone says!

Well I'm done for the day chaps and chapettes, but hurrah for another F1 weekend! I'm also gonna work on my latest Forza 3 creation and hopefully get back to you all soon. To end this week I thought I'd go for something summery and just something to chill out to and well, it still links to F1 as if you've played F1 2010 you'll have definitely heard the Unkle mix of F.E.A.R by Ian Brown so here it is again, just such a fantastic little tune. Hope you all enjoy the F1 and have another lovely day of sunshine and summer-approaching gloriousness!

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