Daily: 7th September 2011

7 September, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hello New Daily!  How are you all?  Since last time I wrote, I went for a run, which made me a bit tired so I had a restful weekend.  I did go to Tivoli Gardens though.  Then on Monday, I went for a family day out with work to the Zoo, which was lots of fun and we saw Lion cubs!  We then had a lovely dinner and then went home.  We got quite lucky too because we’ve had a awful lot of rain lately!

Some links?  OK then…

Firstly, if you haven’t listened to the Debrief yet (like me… hey, I’m busy!) then check it out here.  Also check out Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings, which includes ducks.  CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDUUUUUUCK!!!  Did you know, I had a look at the photos I have been taking lately, and a large proportion of them are of ducks.  No, I don’t know why either…

In F1 news, Toro Rosso have a new sponsor, and Lucas Di Grassi is going to race at Surfers ParadiseAllan McNish tweeted a pic about what makes Motorsport great, too ;)

It’s the Frankfurt Motor Show this week and Citroen have rather an odd concept car.  Remind you of anything?

Casey Stoner missed an Otter – must have been related to those pesky marmots in Canada, eh?

Here is a very spooky video of two Cleverbots talking to each other.  The conversation takes some very odd turns.  Here’s how they did it.  Sarah Conner was unavailable for comment…

Here is a much nice video involving ink and soap bubbles.  I found it very relaxing!  Here’s another one which doesn’t look so relaxing ;)

Here is a map of the London Underground with anagrams for names – how many can you figure out?

Have you ever wondered what a song would sound like without the lyrics?  Well, here’s how you can try and do it.  Doesn’t sound too successful though!

Here are some pics of some sculptures made from recycled tyres.  They look awe and then some!

Finally, here’s a link to a mobile gallery of the BMW Art Cars.  I recommend watching the video as it’s fascinating.  Must admit I quite like the newest one myself.

Have a great day and see you in the comments!

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