Daily: 7th May 2010

7 May, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)

By Lukeh

Gimme an F! Gimme a riday! What does that spell? Friday! Yes it’s another daily here from Lukeh to take you into that final day before the weekend and guess what?! Remember that Formula 1 sport? It’s back today after a 3 week hiatus! Wahhooo! But there’s plenty to discuss before we go rummaging off to Catalunya. There is F1 news and non-F1 news to analyse, laugh at, be confused about and point at in a scared fashion. So, what can we discuss today?

  • Might as well kick it off with some Formula 1 news. The Ferrari-Marlboro ridiculousness went to new levels yesterday as Ferrari revealed that they have decided to get rid of the barcode on their car. Does this mean that retail items across the world are actually advertising Marlboro? That’s some sneaky advertising from the cigarette giants. Nevertheless, to escape the silly design they’ve opted for now, I’ve created an idea for the Ferrari lads to implement on the livery. It fits in very nicely.
  • If you are going to be watching Free Practise sessions today then make sure you come and join us in the comments and dedicated live session threads that will be available to comment in when the sessions arrive. Even thought our wonderful hosts have downshifted, they have still kindly provided us with the times of each session and much more. It’s so much fun watching these sessions, qualifying and the race with the many comments accompanying and many hilarious and brilliant F1 fans watching alongside you in real time. As I am not working today I’ll be in the comments watching practise and I hope you can join me!
  • On a more personal level, I’ve been looking at Photoshop Cs5 this week and having my mind blown by the content aware filling feature. It’s quite a staggering feature and definitely worth trying out. Sidepodcast has been changing in appearance over the last few days too with a gorgeous new header and the fonts have been changing as Mr C experiments. You could say that he’s finding this experimentation fontastic fun.
  • Finally, there’s plenty to take a look at on the blogging side of things. Once again Christine has posted an excellent update in the Life in the Fast Lane saga, something that continues to be a totally worthwhile read. Leigh O’Gormanhas an excellent interview with the legend that is Karun Chanhdok, the man I am tipping to win this weekend in Catalunya. At being awesome, I mean, not the race.
  • I wholeheartedly apologise for the earlier font related pun. I’ll make sure I’ll keep a good daily post at the forefont of my interests.

So that’s me for another Friday. Hopefully we’ll be treated for a good Spanish Grand Prix this weekend and get another fabulous race to watch on a Sunday Afternoon. There’s plenty of racing including the start of the Rally of New Zealand today with the WRC so let’s hope Kimi Raikonnen shows another impressive performance and mumbles his way to another solid finish. That’s it from me. In the comments is where we shall meet at a future point set in time.

Really gotta work on that outro and find something more punderful to go out on...

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