Daily: 7th June 2011

7 June, 2011 at 06:28 (GMT+01:00)

By Simon Furnivall

Good morning, oh veritable denizens of Sidepodcast. Tuesdays are a bit dull, aren't they?

As Bridget did yesterday, I too shall skirt the rather sizeable mammal in the room whilst bringing you the day's F1 news. The good news is that there are only three more days until the action begins in Montreal. Even in the most soporific on F1 times, Montreal usually manages to throw up something interesting, so this time round we could be on for a genuine classic.

Last time I was here I brought you doomsday news about Pirelli's predictions of a laughably short lifespan for their supersoft tyre in the principality, and whilst they may not be making quite the same noises this time, Paul Hembery is equally convinced that the Canadian GP will be a 'thriller'.

Checo Perez is still jumping up and down and waving his arms in the corner, trying to grab the attention of the FIA and assure them that he will be fit to race. He has had to cancel a planned visit to Maranello to play in the Ferrari simulator, meaning he will turn up at the circuit having not even turned a virtual wheel around it.

Jenson Button believes that McLaren can 'dictate the pace' in Montreal, all they need to do is just beat the Red Bulls on in qualifying. Sounds so simple when you put it like that, doesn't it, JB? Pedal a bit harder on Saturdays and your Sunday will be a walk in the park.

So did you get your Olympic tickets? I didn't (which might have something to do with the fact that I didn't apply for any) and the BBC are reporting that some 55% of applicants for tickets were left with their bank accounts untouched. Those who failed to get tickets in the first ballot will be given priority in the second ballot, later this month.

Whilst I've been writing this, Steve Jobs has been wrapping up his speech on the details of iCloud. I would have paid more attention, but reading about Apple things that I can't afford generally sends me into fits of jealous rage, so best save that for another time. I will say, however, that iTunes Match does sound like very bad news for Spotify.

Moving on to inspirational news, former stunt rider, Eddie Kidd, who suffered brain damage in 1996 during a failed jump, has finished the London Marathon. He started on the 17th April and has covered up to a mile a day using a specially built walking frame and in doing so has raised more than £72,000 for charity.

Finally, in 'oooh, pretty' news, volcanoes in Chile's Puyehue-Cordon-Caulle range have been erupting, giving the chance for some stunning photography.

That's all from me, have a happy Tuesday and I'll see you in the comments.

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