Daily: 7th June 2010

7 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)


2 years ago, I loved the Canadian Grand Prix. I really do not know why, I mean Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld scored BMW Sauber's first ever win and 1-2, while Timo Glock scored his highest finish at the time in fourth. I just can't think why that was awesome. And so, F1 returns to the land of Ice Hockey and Maple Syrup after a years break. But, that comes later on in the week. In fact, I had no real reason to bring it up for a rather miserable Monday, but its cheered me up. Good times, onto the bulletpoints:

  • For the last one and a half years, Wetpaint has served as a good host for the Sidepodcast Wiki. But due to the poor navigation and lack of being like a wiki, the Wiki can now be found over at Wikia. Already, going by the Dictionary page, it looks bloomin awesome.
  • As well as the Wiki, there have been a few awesome posts going up on Sidepodcast as well. Tweets of the Week is back! (formally hosted on F1 Minute of course). Also, the About page is getting a facelift. It now includes info on the presenters, the history and apparantly the housewives favourite, Alex Andronov.
  • Gavin popped off to the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen to watch the Speedway Grand Prix (the greatest spectacle on earth, sorta). He took some pics of what he could see, but sadly, none of my new favourite person Tai Woffinden. Who.is.awesome. I've probably confused you right now, so I'll swiftly move on.
  • Early in the morning, and I mean early, earlier than Australia GP early, a group of us watched the IndyCars from Texas. I won't lie, I enjoyed it. Overtaking, drama and a bloke called Ryan winning (which always is a bonus). You can relive the experience if you want, or watch the main talking point which was a scary moment involving Simona de Silvestro.

So thats all for this week, apparantly there is this, World Cup thing coming up on Friday. Don't know if you've noticed that recently. For me, I have a ton of exams coming up as well, 4 in 3 days starting on Tuesday. So I might not be around too much during the week, but I'll be here on Friday, don't you worry.

Have a nice Monday.

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