Daily: 7th February 2009

7 February, 2009 at 00:10 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

The weekend is finally upon us, and I personally couldn't be happier about this. Two whole days off, apparently being buried in the snow, so let's talk about Formula 1 instead.

  • We've found some new pictures of the Renault, and guess what? Someone has decided he doesn't actually mind the livery all that much. I suppose if the ugly rear wings will grow on us, then the liveries should do the same, shouldn't they?
  • With the news that Bourdais has secured the seat at Toro Rosso, Sato is left without a seat in F1. He says he has unfinished business and wants to return but knows his options are limited. Instead of thinking about the future, though, in the comments, we've been trying to remember his best moments. If you've got any to add, leave your thoughts.
  • Dank let us know about a BBC press conference to be held later this month regarding what their F1 coverage will be like. Let's say that you could have anything you desire in the way of coverage, what would you want?

If that's not enough for you, don't forget to check out the Red Bull video, and vote in the latest Character Cup. While you're at it, I'll probably see you in the comments.

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