Daily: 7th August 2011

7 August, 2011 at 00:25 (GMT+01:00)

By Lou

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already, this week has just flown by! Fingers crossed the next few weeks pass quickly too so we can get back to some F1. However just because it’s the off season doesn’t mean we don’t have any news or links for you all to enjoy on this beautiful day.

F1 may be on it’s holidays but that doesn’t mean other motorsports are, and I just wanted to quickly mention Justin Wilson. I’m not really an Indy Car fan, but as a motorsport fan hearing about nasty crashes is never nice and yesterday Justin had a particularly bad one. He sustained a fractured vertebra – ouch! I hope he gets better soon!

While we’re away from the subject of Formula 1, I also wanted to point out Leigh’s post on Lara Platman, a very very talented motorsport photographer. You may have been following her on twitter recently, or seen her post on Sidepodcast but you’ll probably have been aware that she was trying desperately to get to the Spa race last week. Well, in case you haven’t heard, she did, and goodness me did she get some good shots!! Take a look at Leigh’s post featuring Lara’s work and see for yourself.

Moving quickly onto a little bit of Formula 1 news then. It’s around that time of year when teams start to announce they’ll soon be switching focus onto next years car. Well Ferrari have said it’ll be there time come September, lets hope they get the major upgrades they need to give Red Bull some more competition. Mclaren are branching out, hear more information over at f1minute.com or using the wonderful app… you’ve got the app, right? Speaking of F1minute you’ve heard the wonderful news haven’t you? happy 900 episodes Christine and F1 minute fans!

I think that’s enough of the serious stuff for today, lets move on to some fun links for you all to make you smile;

• I’ve always said that you can make art from anything, a banana, ants, or even your old and used CDs. I wonder what kind of art you can create from unused things around your house?

• I think this is possibly the best way to exit an underground station. As someone who hates undergrounds I think I’d bare a short journey just to try this out!

• Oh, and something for Christine and all those technology and Panda lovers out there.

I’m going to leave it at that for today, I hope you all have fantastic days doing whatever you have planned. Do stop by the comments if you get time and have a chat, we’re always open!

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