Daily: 6th September 2011

6 September, 2011 at 01:17 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

Tuesday is barely a few hours old and is already looking unusual. I don't recall my last daily post for this site, but it must have been a while ago. To further compound my confusion, I've borrowed Christine's MacBook to write this on, as mine is somewhat tied up rendering new and interesting things.

At present, we're three hours into a four hour burn and a secondary desk fan has been called into action to prevent the poor machine becoming a pool of aluminium. Our studio is consequently both very noisy and also very cold... as I write this, it's 1am.

Feed me some Formula 1

As drivers, teams and media prepare for the European season's final hurrah in Monza this weekend, we've been busy wrapping up news from the last race at Spa-Francorchamps. Do have a listen to the latest edition of F1 Debrief to get our thoughts on happenings in Belgium.

On that subject our release coincides nicely with the official video edit of the same race on the Formula 1 site. While easily one of the best post-race productions I've seen, I do question why so many unique camera angles and shots come to light after the race, rather than during it. Be sure to watch the montage, if only to witness how exciting and varied live F1 coverage could be, given the right talent behind the desk.

Moving into the present and some news courtesy of F1Minute - The technical brains behind some of the top teams are split on how much of a difference they think DRS will make in Monza. It occurs to me mid-season testing could make such a big difference this year, with so much DRS experimentation happening at race meetings.

In the past, we used to bemoan cars running around the Autodromo Nazionale Monza ahead of a Grand Prix, as it reduced the amount of running teams needed to fit in during Friday practice. However, this year such an event could give the FIA chance to try out various overtaking zone options, allowing them to select the best one come the weekend. As it is now, we won't really know what to expect until lap three or four of the GP, by which point it's too late to make any changes.

That uplifting note on which we end

I'll leave you with some enjoyable F1 tweets of the week and a reminder to find out about the things Red Bull got up to in Cardiff at the weekend. I was most excited to learn what Daniel Ricciardo could do with a NASCAR at his disposal.

Anyone for a warm cup of tea?

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