Daily: 6th May 2009

6 May, 2009 at 01:50 (GMT+01:00)

By Mr C.

The other half of Sidepodcast has now been taken out by whatever made me unwell last weekend, so the daily post once again falls on my watch. Luckily I am useful enough to be able to type, unfortunately covering the day's F1 news with brevity and panache isn't my thing, so the F1 Minute podcast is having a bit of a rest right now.

To keep everyone ticking over, here's a couple of thoughts to start the day:

  • FOTA are meeting in London this morning to chat about the recent descisions Max threw up (almost literally) last week. Budget caps will no doubt be top of the agenda. The question is, will one day be enough time to figure out the best course of action?
  • Most of the KERS enabled teams all appear to be pulling the device from their chassis prior to the Spanish GP. Circuit de Catalunya contains many sweeping curves and finding the correct balance is essential, but people must be questioning the validity of such R&D expenditure when the things aren't even doing a full season.
  • The sidebar on the Sidepodcast homepage had a little refresh yesterday, it's now possible to listen to shows and adjust the volume at the same time. Revolutionary, I know. It is a stop-gap solution though, and hopefully a more feature rich and elegant alternative will be available soon.

The comments on the daily thread were excellent yesterday, do keep your thoughts coming and do yell if anything interesting is happening in your world during the next 24 (ish) hours.

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