Daily: 6th March 2011

6 March, 2011 at 10:20 (GMT)

By Lukeh

Sidepodcast F1: I really miss Formula 1!

Credit: Lou Johnson

I really miss Formula 1!

Ohh, hello again! This is a bit of a surprise me turning up on a Sunday with another daily but I have a funny feeling Lou may have forgotten to write this week's daily so I'm volunteering to step in and make sure we're safely guided into Sunday. It's OK, we're no longer stuck in a never-ending Saturday! Phew! Although I don't think I'd be able to create anything anywhere near as genius as Christine's poem daily last Sunday. Hopefully I can include just as much useful linkage as Lou usually does and you won't even notice the difference. I know Lou loves her countdowns so... 21 DAYS TILL THE FIRST RACE!! We're nearly there!

First off to get us into that ultimately chilled out Sunday feeling, did you know that Giggles Radio is making it's much anticipated return today? Yes, it is very much true! As exclusively revealed by Giggles this morning in an announcement that shook the comments to the core like Shakin' Stevens in an earthquake, we should see Giggles bringing back his much loved show at 4PM GMT today over at the Giggles Radio website which looks like it's all been done up all marvellously and looks very fancy, and of course remember to join in with the comments on the Dashboard as we tune in.

What about Formula 1 though, any news to report today? Not that much really, clearly it's gotten to the end of the week and everyone has decided to put their feet up and stop doing stuff. It may be worth reminding that the final test session of the winter off-season takes place this week from Tuesday if you're missing your testing fix. To keep you entertained till then, Christine has produced a fantastic podcasty-video-thingy introduction to the new season with an interview from Crofty and Pinky (Natalie Pinkham, the new 5 Live F1 pitlane reporter). For more Formula 1 related content I myself posted an exclusive guide on how to get into Formula 1, one that drivers all over the world will definitely use in their quest to get into the sport. It's all definitely true. Yes sir!

Do you remember RG's fantastic New Teams Championship in 2010 that Heikki Kovalainen went on to win with much success? It was a much loved thing here on Sidepodcast as well as some teams on the grid knowing about RG's hard work to keep this updated but this year he's decided to go with something a bit different and look at just how biased the BBC are over the year as they've always been accused of Red Bull and bigger team bias and ignoring the smaller teams on the grid. I think it should be a fascinating bit of insight as RG takes in every little bit of information over the next 9 months or so!

Finally, I'm sure if you've always kept up with Lou's dailies you'll have known how much she loves to share the photography that she discovers over the week or so before her daily. There is simply no comparison between her knowledge and my barely-able-to-use-a-polaroid struggles but an idea came to my mind when I thought of how to incoporate photography into this daily. Have you ever read the blogs of Formula 1 photographers over the interwebs? There's plenty of them out there to get involved and stuck into with the likes of Darren Heath, Paul-Henry Cahier, Sutton Images, Andy Hone and Emily Davenport as just a few examples. Luckily Sidepodcast have created a hugely helpful Twitter directory of F1 photographers so it's perfect and easy to keep up with the developments of these guys! It also reminds me that I really need to make a website...

Podcast of the Week

I know it's a recurring ending to Lou's dailies to have a bit of a delve into the archives and find some fantastic bit of podcasting from our lovely hosts here at Sidepodcast so this week I've decided to choose what I absolutely loved listening to and taking part in over the years and that is the Sidepodpanels. If you've never listened to a Sidepodpanel think of it as the Question of Sport of Sidepodcast as it's very much an off-the-cuff type of gameshow about Formula 1 and such fun! You can find all the Panels here but I've chosen the best of Season 2 as my podcast of the week as it's a recap of much awesomeness!

Sidepodcast audio preview

I hope you have a lovely relaxed Sunday and I'll see you in the comments.

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