Daily: 6th June 2011

6 June, 2011 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Bridget Schuil

Morning sidepodfolk! I hope this week is a good one for you – one with enough commitments to keep you from being bored, but not enough to tire you out. In case you do feel stressed this week, I've found a few cute links for you:

Let's start with Aelita Andre. In case you weren't watching Aljazeera's lunchtime show yesterday, she's a four year-old abstract artist who's recently opened an exhibit in New York. If only I had painted like this instead of making pictures of bunnies and square houses! Let's hope she ends up a child-prodigy success story.

Ever wanted to see a cat take on a watermelon?

Some hedgehog owners haven't worked out that hedgehogs anoint themselves as a defence mechanism and insist on bathing them. Still, a hedgehog in bath foam is cute.

If I ever marry, I want a cake like one of these. Alternatively, I'd settle for a birthday cake along these lines.

Final cute link: a toddler and a sea otter playing with each other. Everybody say "N'aww".

On to the F1 news.

I will skirt around the enormous elephant in the room, because of sidepodcast's 'no politics' rule. It would degenerate into me going on for pages about the importance of human rights and how awesome Mark Webber is for making a statement on his website, followed by some 'I love Max Moseley – despite his controversial proclivities – because he says sensible things in the Telegraph'. That said, I think Leigh O'Gorman had a fantastic idea for a replacement race.

Instead of a GP in Bahrain, how about @alex_wurz @AussieGrit @BSenna & others race 2nd hand Skoda's at the Nurburgring? Charity race? :)

TheF1Archive's Twitter avatarTheF1Archive

Jenson Button (and Jessica Michibata) took part in the Blenheim Triathlon today. Jenson finished ten minutes and twenty seconds behind the leader. Go Jenson!

Now is it time for some science links to inspire us? Yay, I love this time of the week! Okay, here we go...

A bit of evolutionary theory for you, sweetly packaged in an article about skunks.

Ever wanted to build your own rocket and go up into space (fine, I'll admit that my brother and I made one out of a box when I was four. We were most disappointed when it didn't fly)? Some optimistic Danes show us how it's done (almost).

People who understand physics: does anyone think technology like this could be adapted for the varying angles of F1 car suspension so we could have electric engines and be green?

Some chemists have had a vote and decided that a few new elements should be added to the periodic table, despite them only having been fleetingly observed.

A group of physicists, more impressively managed to make anti-hydrogen and store it for one thousand seconds. We stand in awe.

That's it from me for today. I hope your Monday goes well!

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