Daily: 6th July 2010

6 July, 2010 at 00:00 (GMT+01:00)

By Marilene Riddle

It is Tuesday, and it is British GP week! I haven't been around here much last week (GERMANY!) but now that another race is coming along, Sidepodcast shall be my homepage. Hopefully the momentum is back with Red Bull now and home advantage won't count for that much... But let's recap what has happened yesterday with the bulletpoints:

  • What better preparation for the actual race than having your burning F1 questions answered? Join Pat W and Lukeh-and-Lou's experience as well as having a look at the pictures here and here and here and here. Phew.
  • Experience the awesomeness that is Red Bull Racing by joining in the competition here. The only down point to it is Bastian won't be involved. I am sure you'll see him hanging around anyway though. ;)
  • Speedhunters have come up with a fabulous showcase for people wanting to go pro with motor sport photos. They are also offering to answer any questions about lenses, cameras and getting that perfect shot.
  • Christine's rankings see three drivers joint top! And we have someone getting negative points for being Mr. Grumpy... Other Christine ping here.
  • Something revolutionary has been happening in Sidepodcast. Are you watching?
  • It is half the season and most agree a certain someone should not have returned to F1. Will he see sense now and return the seat to Nick?
  • Talking about race seats, Webber is given Bastian's 'faulty-but-repaired' chassis. Is he officially the 2nd driver now?
  • LewHams and Fernando are pretending to be friends again. I don't see how anyone would buy it. :P
  • Anyone else is my part of the world, feel free to join this competition. There are some tricky questions, but it shouldn't be all that bad for any Sidpodcast regular/lurker.
  • In other sports news - apparently David Beckham wasn't at Wimbledon to support Andy Murray. He is really there for his fan Rafael Nadal. There has also been write ups on what went wrong forAmy's king.
  • Can't get enough giggles from the radio? You can always try another medium.

Have a lovely Tuesday, and see you around (in the comments!)

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