Daily: 6th January 2009

6 January, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

As if by magic, the entire Formula 1 world woke up yesterday and the news stories started pouring in. Mr C found the difference amazing, after surviving on a holiday diet of GMM waffle, re-experiencing some proper journalism from Autosport felt like heaven. Here's a quick rundown of the items on offer at the moment:

  • We have yet to see any repercussions from Sir Stewart's choice words in yesterday's interview. There's no doubt that the majority of us agree with his sentiment, but I can think of two quite influential people who won't feel the same way. Will we here from them today? What will they say?
  • Almost the entire grid came out with launch news today, okay, well, Ferrari and Red Bull. The Prancing Horse will be the first car we set eyes on, coming out next Monday. Ferrari also announced the return of the infamous traffic light system. Can they really have fixed it? And what state will the car be in when it's launched on the 12th?
  • Finally, there's the small matter of some Weblog Awards that we have been nominated for. The voting has started, and whilst we don't hold much hope against such worthy competitors, we would like to encourage anyone and everyone to give the Sidepodcast option a big click in both the community and podcast categories. We've even got some nice buttons for you to make things easy. Thanks for voting!
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No doubt today will be just as fulfilling on the F1 news front. We'll see you in the comments.

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