Daily: 6th February 2009

6 February, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Christine Blachford

Personally, I had quite a bad day yesterday, but then news came in that cheered everything up. Let's hope we get more of the same today, because it's always good to end the week on a high.

  • Best news of the week so far comes in the shape of Bourdais getting another test with Toro Rosso. Now, I'm not getting my hopes up and thinking this is any kind of hint from them, but it's definitely a good sign, right? Plus, it's a good excuse to put a nice picture up.
  • Bassano came up with the idea of a Sidepodmap for listeners/readers/viewers to locate themselves, so we can get an idea of who comes from where. It's on the wiki and very easy to do, so head on over and let us know where you are.
  • Also, Coulthard was on TV last night, during a Piers Morgan (boo!) programme about Monaco. If you can bear to watch Piers, DC comes across well, and it's nice to see him relaxing and enjoying his time off.

That'll keep us going for now. I refuse to mention the snow, because every time I do it comes back and blocks up all the roads again. Therefore, I'll just say 'see you in the comments'.

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