Daily: 6th August 2011

6 August, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Amy Fulton

I slept through my planned daily writing last month so now I have 8 weeks of Heikki news to catch up on. Sorry all! A big thank you to Christine for jumping in with some excellent Heikki tweets in my absence too!

We’ve had five races since my last post, and sadly three of them ended in retirement. Did you know Heikki hasn’t finished two races in a row for the last seven races? In 2010 the eleventh race of the season was his last retirement for the year so with eleven races behind us this year hopefully history will repeat itself.

I was hoping to skip through time through the medium of photo but I didn’t find enough to cover all the eight weeks so instead I’ll show you the greatest photos I’ve seen in a while as clearly the only thing better than one Finnish F1 driver is two Finnish F1 drivers. Plus bonus Catherine! Heikki also shared with us a photo of a driver’s eye view of the FIA press conference. The journalists look rather bored if you ask me.

Last month Heikki gave his fans a bit of one-on-one time via Facebook chat. I’d hate to see how many chat windows he would have had open at the same time. I thought it was very cool of him to do that for his fans and hopefully those who got to chat with him enjoyed the experience. He has also been talking to people via telephone as earlier this week he took some calls at the Fonecta call centre in Finland.

Fun day in Finland spend a day with Fonecta guys, went to the call center where people can call for all kind of info, I picked up many calls

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

He said that people didn’t believe they were actually talking to him and I don’t blame them, if I was calling my telephone company I certainly wouldn’t expect an F1 driver to answer. On top of all of this interaction he has been answering many fan questions and giving fantastic responses on Twitter as usual. This has been my favourite one, it appears Heikki has an excellent sense of humour.

“@emmanuel_99: @h_kovalainen you disappointed me today... Sorry, no more a fan of you...” Ok cool just click the unfollow button mate!

H_Kovalainen's Twitter avatarH_Kovalainen

I also learned through Twitter that Heikki won’t be doing the Race of Champions this year. That’s a shame but after last year’s crash perhaps it’s a good idea.

As well as racing Heikki has been playing a lot of golf as usual and when he’s not playing it he’s watching it on Youtube. Now that’s dedication!

We’re into our first weekend of the summer break now and it seems Heikki is spending his in Finland.

Pretty much all packed up and ready to go tomorrow to have my summer holiday in North Finland. Looking forward to seeing @H_Kovalainen... :)

KataHyde's Twitter avatarKataHyde

Hopefully he has a great break because there really is nothing quite like going back to your home country when you don’t live there anymore. What are your plans for this weekend, Sidepodreaders? Feel free to tell us in the comments! Whatever you’re up to, I hope you all have a good one.

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