Daily: 6th April 2011

6 April, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Gavin Brown

Hey guys, hope you are all having a great week.  Spring is here, the days are getting longer and starting to warm up a little.  Also, we have the Malaysian Grand Prix to look forward to this week!  I normally quite enjoy this particular race, as the weather always throws in a random variable or two.  Amy and Pamela are flying there right now and Amy has a great forecast for the race too ;)   Why not check out BadgerGP’s top 5 Malaysian Grands Prix? Which one is your favourite?

So what links have I got for you this week then?

Silverstone had a media day for their new pit lane complex and it looks really cool.  BBC F1 has a great article about how the developments are really transforming Silverstone and that they have a solid foundation to keep the Grand Prix past their current contract.

Sauber now have a web store with a clothing range – steady on, RG ;)

Nico Rosberg kindly shows us around his steering wheel – it always amazes me how many buttons are on there!  It also looks like the Mercedes boys visited a PETRONAS refinery – good on you, lads!

Virgin have said that they cannot update their car until the Turkish Grand Prix – which is a bit of a worry as they are close to the 107% cut off point right now…

Speaking of quick qualifying laps, Damon Smedley has overlaid Martin Brundle’s commentary of Vettel’s pole lap in Australia with his own lap from F1 2010. Looks pretty neat!

Joe ponders the idea of switching Bahrain with Qatar… could be interesting?

Here’s some info on the Safety Car rules for this year, courtesy of F1.com…

How about some great F1 photos?  Christine has a great F1 Big Picture Bundle for the season opener, BadgerGP took some at the Donington Collection and I found a couple of great links to Lego F1 photos on Flickr.

Have you checked out Tweets of the Week and Christine's Rankings yet? I hear that there is an Aside with Joe coming soon as well…

Have you been following the Top Gear vs.. Tesla case?  Well, Jalopnik has an article by Andy Wilman (Top Gear Producer) and a response from Tesla Motors.  Interesting stuff.

Sniff Petrol seems to think they have seen a striking resemblance to Alonso in this leaflet… but Mrs. Goat thinks he looks more like Sir Sean Connery…

Remember PJ Tierney and his awesome Alternative F1 Programme covers? Well, he’s made a mock up of all them together and wants to gauge interest in it if it was offered for sale.  WANT.  Also, check out this classic take on modern movie posters.  Love the Star Wars ones…

Remember the idiot who caused the Safety Car Crash at Pau?  Looks like he got another job at Paul Ricard

Do you find 'Guess Who' too easy?  Well why not try out this fun interpretation of the rules?

Some Sidepodspace now… some great pics from the early days of spaceflight.

I love the Bloodhound SSC Project – and Nick found a great article about it.  Did you know it uses a Cosworth F1 engine as a fuel pump?

Apparently Arnie is going to be starring in a new cartoon called ‘The Governator’.  Please.  I love Arnie movies but this is too cheesy even for me!

I saw an article today for something called a Möbius Gear – I have no idea how this works and it blows my mind :)

What’s been going on around the blogs?

Well that’s all from me.  Hope you all have a great day, see you in the comments and have fun :D

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