Daily: 5th September 2009

5 September, 2009 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

The weekend is upon us, so it's time for you to let us know what you're up to. It's a non-race weekend, so I hope you're all doing something exciting. We want to know about it. Don't forget about the inaugural Sidepodfilmclub showing of Talladega Nights later, as well - more information here.

  • Making the most of the news regarding Renault's impending hearing in front of the WMSC, we posted quite a good looking F1 Big Picture, and the associated F1 Minute yesterday. The debate is raging in the comments over here on whether Piquet is smart/stupid/talented/useless enough to have pulled off such a feat.
  • We're posting guest articles from the hosts of Sidepodradio shows to promote their segments, and hopefully get a bit more interaction if some is required. If you are doing a show, please feel free to forward me a few words to publish on your behalf. Oh, and if you're a listener, make sure you keep your eye on the blog for ways to get involved.
  • Finally, a few days late, I read some interesting statistics on F1 Wolf's blog. He's rounded up some facts and figures to establish whether this latest record of six different race winners in as many races is as unusual as it seems. Short answer - it is. Long answer - read more here.

That'll do it for now. Another reminder for Sidepodfilmclub tonight, we'll be opening a thread in time for the film to start at 8pm UK time. I hope you can join us, but either way, I'll see you in the comments.

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