Daily: 5th May 2011

5 May, 2011 at 01:43 (GMT+01:00)

By Pat W

Hello, welcome to Thursday. Nearly there. Just one more day until F1 track action and two days until most of us get to see some of it. Not long now. The break is nearly over.

F1 This Weekend

We may well see the final Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park this weekend. Opinions seem to be divided between those who are glad a 'Tilke track' is gone and those who think this was one of his better designs. I'm in the latter camp. It was a shame they didn't 'do a China' and change the pricing structure to suit the local market, it worked in Shanghai this year. The DRS zone is in a weird location though because the long straight-with-a-corner-in-it is already a very good passing area anyway, the cars don't need help there. I'd have put it on the pit straight where the cars just about get side by side before backing off, that's where they need help.

Do read these fine previews:

- Sidepodcast Race Information;

- VivaF1 Race Preview and Track Notes;

Other Racing This Weekend

There is plenty else to be excited about this weekend. A full plate of racing. A smorgasbord of motorsport!

  • GP2 Istanbul Park - the first round of the GP2 'Main' Series as well as GP3.
  • ILMC & LMS Spa-Francorchamps - the 6 Hours at Spa is the last big sportscar race before Le Mans and Audi will debut their new car! This race is on Saturday and was moved especially so as not to clash with the Grand Prix. Check out this huge entry list, which I've linked in French because endurance racing should always be in French.
  • GT1 Portimao - it seems odd that a GT1 race is on the same weekend as the huge ILMC race, some drivers (and media) like to do both, this has to be a bad decision for GT1 and the FIA, especially since it is up against the FIA's other big series (F1 and WRC).
  • WRC Italy - a visit to Sardinia with the debut of the new MINI in full WRC-spec, that'll be worth keeping an eye on.
  • World Superbike Monza - this could be fun, I imagine they must still have slipstreaming at Monza with the bikes.
  • NASCAR Cup Darlington - One of the classic NASCAR venues where drivers are still challenged, something of an egg shape to it.. The race is on Saturday night (really Sunday morning UK time). Nationwide runs on Friday.

Why on earth would you want to go outside? If you want to know more about when these events take place, I'll have a post on my site tonight highlighting the race start times for all of them.

Bits And Pieces

I wrote that header and *flashback* it reminded me of the old Radio 1 Roadshow game, Bits & Pieces, where they'd play out clips from several songs, then the contestant has to guess the names of all the songs in a time limit.. if I could write Dailies like RG I could've done that here.

Alex has been recording a 'how to' video for Sidepodcast, I could link to it here but I believe it'll appear in a forthcoming post, so do look out for that soon if you want to make the most of the site's features.

One of the great things I often forget about the 'European' races (even if they are just within Asia, like the Turkish track) is the annual debut of the team trucks and motorhomes. We'll see a full paddock again! None of these flyaway crates and distant detached offices. I'm looking forward to seeing some new schmoozing palaces like the McLaren starship or the Red Bull Energy Station, and perhaps even some new team truck liveries too. Even Pirelli are getting in on the act! (I wonder if they bought it from Bridgestone?)

Gavin found this great trailer for a new film about a pioneer of the Bonneville salt flats, it is well worth watching and I hope the film becomes generally accessible.

Maverick had the great idea of honouring Istanbul Park by picking his favourite Turn 8s from around the world.

If you saw the BBC Royal Wedding coverage and also have an Autosport.com Plus subscription, check out Bamber's Week.

The IndyCar team owners are reportedly going to lobby Randy Bernard, Tony Cotman et al to defer the 'aero kit' rules a year to 2013, meaning we'll only see a basic car next year. It'll still be an improvement on the current car but we won't have the twist of competition. Robin Miller broke the story, some were saying the other night it may even have been leaked by Bernard to show the team bosses what the reaction would be - he's done it before.

Both Miller's story and the IndyCar.com homepage have fan votes, do use them to say whether you are happy with the deferral or not, they do pay attention to them and decisions have already been made this year based on IndyCar.com and SpeedTV.com fan votes! The proposed lucky dog rule was abandoned because of them, and double-file restarts were persisted with for longer because of them. All that said, if you look at the current vote counts they have totally different outcomes, perhaps they shouldn't base crucial decisions on fan votes?

Speaking of votes, there is a referendum and some local and regional elections in the UK today. If you fear the mighty Delete button, as you well should, it would be better to keep talk about those to Twitter and Facebook (and those who don't like politics may want to avoid those sites tonight).

Shall we have some music? It has been a while since I included a song in the Daily and I hope you like this one.

My Latest Novel - I Declare A Ceasefire

Do also listen to The Hope Edition from their other album. I recommend both albums if you like this sort of thing.

I like that YouTube has introduced artist pages linking to tracks that are available, you can find the one for My Latest Novel here and it features a selection from both albums although some are live versions - it might be better to click the YouTube Mix on the side.

Have a good day!

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