Daily: 5th March 2011

5 March, 2011 at 00:01 (GMT)

By Pamela

Finally Saturday is here! I thought this week was never going to end. My week was very busy and felt long, but it ended on a great note. After booking tickets and flights for the Malaysian GP with Amy a while ago, I still wasn’t completely sure that I would be able to go. But now it is all confirmed, I’ll definitely be joining Amy at Sepang. But first, the Melbourne GP! Who else is going to Melbourne or Malaysia?


Bernie Ecclestone’s crazy comments earlier this week have been taken a step further by the Telegraph. The Telegraph’s author has suggested all kind of ideas from fake rain to potholes to civil war. While Pirelli have agreed with the artificial rain gimmick, Joe Saward has blogged about Telegraph article, and I agree with his opinion that Formula One is already exciting these days.

I just love love love this video that the drivers did for Kubica so thought I would post another link to it in case you missed the links earlier this week.

Ford and Ferrari have settled their F150 naming dispute eliminating any possible confusion between a truck and a Formula One car.

Ross Brawn has said that Mercedes will need to find a second at the final test session at Barcelona next week.

Lotus Factory Tour

Finally, I thought I should end this daily by briefly sharing my experience of the Lotus Factory Tour earlier this year. The tour went for about 2 hours and there were 7 people in our tour so nice and cosy. We started off with a DVD giving an introduction into the team, then continued our tour upstairs through the Aerodynamics Department.

We went through composites area and got to play with some carbon fibre bits and pieces. We saw the autoclaves and machine shop, really it could have been any manufacturing facility. There wasn’t much in the way of the new cars, which may have been bad timing on our part, or due to it being January, or perhaps they hide the good stuff? We got to have a little play with Jarno's steering wheel – I don’t know how their bulky fingers in their gloves can manage to hit the right buttons!

We each had our photo taken with the car that Jarno drove in Abu Dhabi last year – this was the only photo of the day as camera’s were prohibited.

The tour ended with a Q&A session with Alex Yoong and on the way out we were given a parting gift of a cap, magazine, photo, and my favourite – a wheel nut! I got a red one (from the left side of the car).

If you get the opportunity, I definitely recommend attending the tour. It was well worth the price. A great way to spend a few hours!

Sidepodcast F1: could be Lotus' newest driver?

Credit: Pamela

could be Lotus' newest driver?

Hope you have a good weekend.

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