Daily: 5th June 2010

5 June, 2010 at 00:01 (GMT+01:00)

By Christine Blachford

Hello and welcome to Saturday. Today is World Environment Day which is an international day to raise awareness of... well, the environment, I'm guessing. That being the case, I think it's only fair to mention the panda, don't you? The panda does it's bit for the environment by generally keeping out of the way, and being pretty darn cute. Now, on to the bullet points.

  • After several long years of arguing that F1 is the only sport that matters, we are suddenly starting to awaken to the beauty of other sporting endeavours. I have long since been a fan of the tennis, but have been paying special attention over the last few months. Today and tomorrow we have the finals of the French Open, and soon it will be Wimbledon. We'll have plenty to say along the way, I'm sure.
  • We're beginning to plan our mission to cover all things Le Mans as the 24 Hour race slowly creeps up on us. All I know is that the fabulous Franck will be present, barring any more of his ribs suffering injuries, but Mr C has in mind multiple live threads and 24 hours worth of commenting as well. Sounds like fun!
  • Finally, it even looks like we might be making space on the site for football! With the World Cup rapidly approaching, we're planning how to cover the event - both for those who want to enjoy it, and for those who would rather steer clear of anything involving twenty-two players and a ball. We're hoping to please everyone, as if that is even possible.

That should do it for now. Don't forget to check out Nathan's great guest post, and visit this page if you're inspired to submit your own words for publishing. I will see you in the comments.

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