Daily: 5th July 2010

5 July, 2010 at 00:02 (GMT+01:00)


Hello you lovely peoples out there. Right now I usually start with some long-winded, witty (sometimes) introduction to the daily post. Today is different, since the 5th July may just be the most uneventful day of all 366 of them. Nothing interesting has happened, nobody interesting was born. In fact, the only birthday of note is that of Dolly the Sheep, the first ever cloned animal. Not even a human, there should be something interesting in the bulletpoints:

  • It was the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend as I'm sure most of you were aware of. The only bits I caught were the two hours on Sky Sports (which I found impressive, including the bloke who did the speedway, Charlie Webster who also does the speedway and used to do GP2, as well as Anthony Davidson and David Croft commentating), but Lou and Lukeh were there and they have written up about some rather special moments and a big thanks to a few people, it is, in my honest view, a brilliant post. Lukeh's new best friend forever Bruno Senna also provided us with a spectacular video of the course when returning back to the paddock. But finally, boo to Renault who decided Hungary was a better place to send drivers Jan Charouz and Ho-Pin Tung. Tut tut.
  • The 4th July may have been important for America, but Leigh was written an insightful post about Roland Ratzenberger, the Austrian who died the day before Ayrton Senna at the same track. He would have been 50 yesterday.
  • Leigh has also shared his July spotify playlist for this month, so while absolutley nothing happens today, stick your feet up and listen to some quality and relevant music as picked by Leigh. Be warned, it may not actually work in all countries, so don't go running to me if it doesn't work for you. Go to Leigh instead.
  • I'm not sure what is going on, it appears the curse of the 5th July strikes in the world of sport. The tennis has finished at Wimbledon, the football is taking a bit of a siesta and if it wasn't for the Tour de France I'm pretty sure I would forget sport exists. But good news people, the British Grand Prix is this weekend! Yes, the pinnacle of the year, packed crowds and fantastic racing. I suppose any excuse to mention Tai Woffinden, but there are three British riders to cheer on. Scotty Nicholls (who had an on track fight with Emil Sayfutdinov at this event last year, Sutil and Trulli have nothing on this) and Chris Harris (who won it in 2007 on the very last corner). Its on Saturday night and on Sky Sports 2 from 4:30 GMT+1.

Let us not forget about Mr. Andronov's latest radio show, which featured as usual, some unusual songs as well as one of my guilty pleasures, I won't reveal which song it is though. Don't get concerned by the lack of things going on today, its the 6th July tomorrow which for starters, and the Dutch are playing. Remember just to relax today and I'm sure it'll be done with and forgotten about quickly enough soon.

Have a nice (if possible) Monday.

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