Daily: 5th January 2009

5 January, 2009 at 04:45 (GMT)

By Mr C.

It's the first proper Monday back at work for F1 teams following the holiday period, so if nothing else, we're expecting some actual news worthy of discussion today. Are the rumours true, and will Honda staff learn any more about their long term future in this sport? Or are they in for a protracted and drawn out Aguri-esque lead up to Melbourne?

In the meantime, here's some discussion points to tide us over:

  • Sir Jackie Stewart has blasted Bernie for having way too much power and lacking any form of succession plan. Jackie is always right so there's no discussion to be had there, however, what can be done about it, and what would happen to F1 should Bernie not witness another sunrise?
  • In the comments, thoughts are already turning to future planning and Alex is considering a visit to Goodwood FoS this year. Do you already have your F1 plans in place, and if so where are you going in 2009 and why?
  • Additionally, we've been debating the subject of racing induced hearing loss and whether event organisers should be held responsible for providing protection (the people behind Goodwood FoS say "no chance"). So who should be held accountable for potential hearing damage in this modern era: organisers, promoters, teams, drivers, or the fans who turn up and watch?

All of this and much more to be considered by the Sidepodcommunity in the next 24 hours. You know where you'll find us.

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